20" Polyester Napkins


20" Polyester Napkins

Despite being often understated, napkins play an important role on your tabletop: besides their primary function, they also serve as a part of your décor. If you are hesitant about buying new napkins for every single event, we’ve got you covered with our 20" Polyester Napkins.

Made from one of the most reliable materials, polyester, they are not just machine-washable and wrinkle-free but are also versatile enough to blend easily with any décor. Another advantage of our polyester cloth napkins is that they come in more shades than a rainbow can offer. Thus, whenever you want to refresh your tablescape with shades of green, we are at your service with our Olive Green Polyester Linen Napkins, Sage Green Polyester Linen Napkins, and Apple Green Polyester Linen Napkins

Meanwhile, our blue polyester linen napkins, navy blue polyester linen napkins, and royal blue polyester linen napkins will whisper to you about blue skies and oceanic depths. Whichever option is to your heart’s content – blue polyester napkins or white polyester napkins, we strongly recommend you complement our polyester dinner napkins with our napkin rings, which will go beautifully with your theme.

At tableclothsfactory, we go beyond and above to streamline your decoration process. To save you from ironing and spending a fortune, we’ve got you covered with our surprisingly affordable 20” Polyester Napkins of exceptional quality. Please hit up our online store to see what we’re talking about!




1. Is polyester good for napkins ?

Ans: Have you ever had a hard time deciding what napkin cloth to select when buying fabric napkins in general? When shopping for cloth napkins online, the variety of fabrics available can be overwhelming. While cotton napkins are the preferred choice for everyday use due to their softness and absorbency, it lacks the durability that napkins polyester possess, which is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing napkins.

Polyester napkins are what you need if you have your heart set on numerous impressive napkin folding ideas. Other than that, it has the advantage of being easy to clean, has a luxurious texture with superior functionality, is made to resist stains and wrinkles, and doesn't lose its color or require ironing.

Now that you have the answers, you can check out our 20" x 20" napkin set, which is large enough to completely cover your lap while you dine. It also allows you to neatly fold them when you set them on the table or wrap them around a set of utensils, further enhancing the aesthetics of your table setup. Additionally, these cloth napkins work great for home use as well as formal events, business functions, and restaurant napkins.

2. How to fold a 20 x 20 napkin ?

Ans: Linen napkins will certainly add a touch of sophistication to your dinner and banquet tables. These napkins can be used to liven up tabletop decorations as well as clean up spills and stains. Large napkins such as 20" polyester reusable napkins are a great option if you want to impress your guests with creatively folded napkins because their texture and size are suitable for most napkin folding styles.

Instead of just neatly folding napkins into a rectangle or square shape, order some of our 20” polyester napkins so you can try some of this simple and elegant napkin folding ideas below to dazzle your guests.

  • The Cone - fold the napkin in half and place the open end away from you. After that, fold the napkin in quarters and turn it away from you with the open end facing you. Fold the top-most layer all the way down, then begin folding both sides to form a cone, tucking the ends in.
  • Envelope Napkin Fold - make a huge triangle and fold the bottom two corners, then repeat the fold to meet in the middle. After that, fold the napkin's button edge to form a pocket and achieve that envelope-styled polyester table napkin.
  • The Pouch - fold the napkins in fourths and then diagonally fold the first layer on top. Then, flip the napkin over and fold the right side nearly halfway to the middle. Repeat the preceding procedures on the left side, then flip the napkin over again and you're done.
  • Double Diamond - Lay out a square dinner napkin flat. Fold the napkin diagonally, then create a square by folding the bottom two corners up. Fold the bottom corner of the napkin to the right length after carefully turning it over halfway or less. To make the design more rectangular, tuck the left and right corners under.

3. Where to buy cloth napkins ?

Ans: Shopping for an everyday set of cloth dinner napkins? You can't go wrong with TableclothsFactory’s 20x20 polyester napkins which are an excellent value for their superior quality and sheer versatility. With their beautifully refined yet minimalist aesthetic, these napkins will effortlessly elevate your tablescape, perfect for the holidays or festive events and other special occasions.

Depending on the theme of your party, you can keep it simple with neutral color tones like black, white, ivory, champagne, or silver polyester napkins bulk. To add more vibrancy to your tables, check out some of the other bold and vibrant colored napkins available like emerald green, terracotta, peacock teal, purple, and red cloth napkins to name a few. You can personalize and create simple to intricate napkin folds using these polyester napkins to fit dinner parties at any time of the year.

For an added touch of design, check out our 20” polyester modern cloth napkins with geometric patterns, which will allow you to create the event of your dreams. Those who appreciate pattern matching will love the fact that these contemporary patterned cloth napkins have matching tablecloths and runners available that you can mix and match for a more visually appealing and satisfying depth of texture.

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