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Acrylic Cake Stand

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Acrylic Cake Stand

The wedding cake will always demand a prominent place at your reception. Now you can give it the importance it deserves with our acrylic wedding cake stands. We offer various options to suit all your needs. You may opt for a 4 tier cake stand or a 5 tier cake stand based on the number of guests and the theme of your party!

You can place your wedding cake on our lovely 4 pillar cake stand – to make it stand out at your function. There is ample space below the top acrylic plate for decorating with flowers, lace or ribbons! And for your large gathering, we provide a lovely 8-tier cake stand. It has 8 acrylic plates of varying sizes – so that you may place cakes on a few, while covering the remaining ones with cup cakes, wedding favors or just decoration items!

Your rectangular wedding cake can be placed on our wide acrylic glass shelf – to accommodate your large and heavy cake! And if you wish to display your cupcakes, our 4-tier cake stand is the perfect choice – as you can place the wedding cake on the top acrylic plate with the cup cakes covering the lower plates!

At TableclothsFactory.com, we understand that you would like to place your cake in a beautiful manner at your reception. We provide acrylic tier stands that are attractive and strong enough to hold your cake. Visit us to explore our large variety of acrylic cake stands to select the right one for your bash!

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