Serving Trays


Serving Trays

A serving tray is a significant and functional element of dining and if your tabletop game needs an upgrade, choose from our contemporary collection of royal serving platters that look exquisitely grand! Whether it’s a wedding party, birthday bash, anniversary celebration, or any other special event that calls for exquisite decoration, our impressive range of grand decorative serving trays will surely amplify your table’s aesthetics manifold. 

To add a touch of sophistication to your tablescape, and present your delicacies in an artistic manner; we present our classy collection of stylish serveware that meets all the standards of any chic banquet and elite event.

Servewares are more than just tools for carrying food, they also present the meal in a decorative way, giving full attention to the food being served. Depending on what style you prefer, we can offer you plenty of options in color, size, shape, and design. Our food serving tray has become increasingly popular ornaments to include in your living space to give it a stylish look and is one of the latest trends in interior design. 

Use our posh and practical Gold Metal Geometric Serving Tray to keep items organized on a dressing table or on makeup vanity. If you want your room to look tidy and uncluttered, use our Oval Crystal Beaded Mirror Vanity Tray on the drawer of a bedside table where you might be keeping some books, hand lotion, reading glasses, etc. for a more minimalistic look; or just add some monochrome style candles and some coasters to make a style statement. 

Glam up your dining room table, kitchen, or restaurant counter by placing an ornate mirror serving tray from our collection to style the table as well as keep things close at hand. The materials used in modern eating trays are even more versatile, being made from plastic and wood to metal and melamine. Modern serving trays are much more practical – they allow people to carry greater weight and they can be cleaned easily. 

Serve desserts in our disposable Paper Cardboard Serving Trays or style your cupcakes in our Galvanized Steel and Wooden Serving Tray to bring a dash of chic fun into your merry moments.

Give a sophisticated touch to your celebrations and transform your conventional dining experience into a regal affair. Whether it’s a jubilant birthday party or a festive wedding reception, pick from our huge collection of modern serving tray for home or party use and make fine dining and tidying a breeze. Please don’t hesitate to visit us now to see for yourself!




1. How to use a serving tray ?

Ans: Despite the fact that dinner trays are usually used for parties or as lap trays for eating, their uses are far more extensive than most of us realize. Apart from using a food tray for entertaining, you can also use them to keep things and goods tidy even when you aren't holding a party. You might be surprised to hear that these pieces can be designed and adorned in a variety of ways to brighten and complement a room.

Continue reading to discover serving tray decor ideas that you can try to recreate to add interest to your interior.

  • For a stylish and elegant look, use our mirror serving tray to store your favorite glass bottles and other bar items in your home bar area.
  • Place blooming florals and greenery in the center of our silver coffee table tray to create a gorgeous centerpiece for your coffee table or dining room table.
  • Use our serving tray set to keep your bathroom essentials like moisturizers, facial creams, and clean towels in one place on your bathroom countertop. 
  • To make it easier to carry items between the kitchen and eating areas, place a circle serving tray on a dining table to hold plates, napkins, and glasses.
  • Organize small home accessories in our metal serving tray with handles and display them on your living room center table.

2. How to store serving trays ? 

Ans: A tray is a fantastic decor item that can be used to spice up virtually any tablescape. However, if you have a tiny kitchen storage area, these dining table tray decor may be hard to store. Despite their flat appearance, simply placing them on a shelf may take up a lot of space that could be better spent on something else. That is why learning how to correctly store them can be really useful in a variety of situations.

Store a square, rectangle, or round serving tray vertically rather than stacking them on top of each other, which could cause a collapse if you need to pick one for an unplanned home gathering. Arrange them side by side if you have a tall cabinet that can accommodate all of your sets.

If you don't have a tall cabinet in which to store them, you can arrange them vertically in your kitchen cupboards using an organizer or shelf dividers. This is a fantastic alternative for storing both a small tray and a large serving tray because it is easily accessible. And by doing so, your exquisite indoor or outdoor food and drinks tray is stored and viewed in one place and you can easily pull one out without making a ruckus.

3. Where to buy serving trays ?

Ans: If you're throwing a party over the weekend and want a wonderful adaptable decor piece that's both functional and elegant, you might require some of the best serveware to highlight your home decor and event space. Look through TableclothsFactory's collection of fancy serving trays, which may be used to display a variety of food and desserts.

A cocktail and bar tray made of wood, metal, plastic, and other materials are available in a variety of designs to suit your demands and aesthetic needs. For more upscale events that require fancy serveware choose a metal food tray with a glass mirror center, and for more casual gatherings check out our acrylic and plastic serving trays

You'll also discover food platter trays for finger foods and party snacks that will be a great addition to your tablescapes. Aside from utilizing them for serving food and drinks, you can also purchase some gorgeous pieces to use as a coffee table tray decor or kitchen tray decor.

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