Acrylic Chargers


Acrylic Chargers

You can add sophistication to your wedding banquet with our acrylic charger plates. They can add elegance to your dining tables effectively. Besides, our acrylic chargers protect your expensive tablecloth from accidental spills and stains too! We offer gold charger plates with rhinestones and several other exquisite options that you would like to use for your other functions too.

Your dinnerware will look fabulous when placed on our acrylic black charger plates – as black color can be the perfect backdrop for your light-colored dinner plates! Besides, you can just wipe off our metallic silver scalloped edge charger plates with a damp cloth once the party is over – and they are ready to be used for your next bash! Also, our square acrylic charger plates have a perfect size – to allow you to serve soup, dessert, and entree with ease.

You may add charisma to your banquet with our Marble Charger Plates – as they look fabulous wherever they are placed! And for your modern decor, we offer Plastic Charger Plates With Gold Brushed Waved Scalloped Rim – as they would blend in easily! Also, you can add a splash of color to your dining table with our Acrylic Beaded Charger Plates – to create a festive look!

At, we realize the importance of a trendy banquet for you. We offer acrylic charger plates in different shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your unique requirements. You may even opt for our glitter collection to make a style statement. Visit us to explore our choices and then make a decision!




1. What is a charger plate ? 

Ans: Charger plates or service plates are gorgeous decorative plates that are used to glamor up dinner tables at weddings, parties, birthdays, and other special occasions. They are essentially intended to catch pieces of food and avoid messy spills that would taint the tablecloth. These decorative plates also help retain the heat of dishwares since they are placed under bowls and plates.

2. Where can I buy cheap charger plates ? 

Ans: Improve your guest's dining experience by elegantly serving entrees with the help of TableclothsFactory's very beautiful inexpensive charger plates bulk. These charming plates will undoubtedly make a statement at dressy, multi-course dinners, or more casual settings like tea parties. Check for fancy designs like acrylic beaded, metallic finishes, scalloped edges, and chargers with waved or jeweled rims. No matter the occasion, TableclothsFactory got the best affordable charger plate to satisfy your party's aesthetic needs. Wondering where to order dinner plate chargers? TableclothsFactory has a great selection of Charger Plates at the lowest prices.

3. How to set table with charger plates ? 

Ans: Place charger plates atop tablecloths or placemats, between the laid-out silverware, and beneath the drink glasses. Dining chargers should be at least two feet apart from each other so guests will have enough space to move comfortably. Menu cards, napkins with napkin rings, or name cards can be lined up in the center of the charger plate for use before dinner service.

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