Arranged Bouquet Flowers


Arranged Bouquet Flowers

Breathe life into your event design with lovely arranged bouquet flowers that imitate the beauty of natural flowers but are long-lasting. Available in a plethora of colors and flower types, our artificial flower arrangements have a soft and silky texture thus they are the perfect permanent floral arrangement decor accessory to usher in freshness and radiance.

If you want to design a ravishing entryway decor at your wedding reception to impress your guests in a mesmeric way, opt for pink artificial silk peony flower bouquets and flaunt them in gold pedestal vases placed atop flower stands embellished with crystal chains for a splendiferous display.

Similarly, you can arrange white artificial rose bouquets in clear vases and position them on both sides of the aisle to ooze panache and floral flair. Whereas to make quick artificial silk bridal bouquets, combine ivory artificial silk rose & hydrangea flower bouquet with foliage, pearl sprays, and ribbon to create a beautiful bouquet.

Add an everlasting floral charm to your festivity with a fabulous artificial flower bouquet available at the tableclothsfactory. Browse through our Arranged Bouquet Flowers collection and choose a beautiful yet cheap silk flower arrangement to create gorgeous centerpieces, backdrops, tabletop decor, and flower bouquets to imbue a refreshing perky flair into the event decor!




1. How much does an artificial flower arrangement cost ?

Ans: Real flower bouquets give off a refreshing, natural vibe in rooms and event spaces, but they wilt over time and can be quite expensive. That's why most people opt for silk flower bouquets, which look almost identical to real flowers but are much less expensive and reusable.

Fresh cut flowers vary in price depending on the season and type of flower, and prices might change from month to month. However, this isn't always the case with an artificial floral arrangement. For starters, a typical bouquet of artificial flowers can cost between $5 and $20, while lifelike artificial flowers may cost more than $50.

The quality of silk flower arrangements varies greatly from each seller. The most expensive artificial bouquets and silk wedding flowers will probably fool the eye, while the cheapest ones will probably stand out as fake. So, if you're looking for a reputable source for inexpensive yet high quality silk flowers wholesale, check out our selection of artificial flowers that look real.

2. How to clean artificial flower arrangements ?

Ans: Silk flowers are definitely one of the timeless decor components that anyone should consider for their home or event. Although a faux flower bouquet does not require the same level of care as genuine flowers, it does require some minor attention and maintenance to keep it looking mint and vibrant.

Not sure how to clean and maintain your silk flower decorations? Here are some of the things to remember along with the safest ways to clean them.

  • Dust Regularly 
    • Artificial flowers that are regularly maintained will last much longer than those that are not. If these flowers aren't cleaned regularly, dust can build up and be difficult to remove, so dust them regularly, at least once a week. A duster, microfiber cloth, or hairdryer on the lowest setting can be used to dust off your artificial flowers for arrangements.
  • The Power Salt Shake
    • You won’t believe it but a bag of salt can actually thoroughly clean artificial floral arrangements. Just place the flower stems in a plastic bag containing two teaspoons of rock salt. Shake the bag gently for a minute, then repeat until the stems are completely covered. The grains of salt will gradually remove dust and dirt, leaving the faux floral arrangement clean and dust-free.
  • Refresh Faux Flowers
    • If you think your artificial bouquets could use some moisture, make a spray bottle of equal parts vinegar and water and spritz them. After spraying the artificial flowers with the solution, let them air dry.

3. How to store artificial flower arrangements ?

Ans: You can keep your silk flower decorations clean and in good shape for years with proper storage, just in time for the upcoming holiday. It may be that time of the year when you need to replace some of your artificial flowers bouquet to match the season or celebration. With our quick guide on how to store an artificial bouquet, you may enjoy their magnificence for years.

  • The first step is to select which artificial flowers you want to use and which ones need to be stored. 
  • Before putting away your artificial bouquets of flowers, you will need to clean them so that they are fresh and ready when you take them out for display again.
  • The suggested way to store faux flower arrangements is in a dry, airtight container in a dark, dimly lit environment. Use padded storage bags or airtight plastic containers to keep your flowers in good condition, and use a big plastic bag or cloth bag for larger plants and silk arrangements
  • Leave enough space between each artificial flower arrangements. To protect the shape of each piece, use different containers as needed. 
  • Finally, for easy identification, write the name of the flower on the container.

4. Where can I buy artificial flower arrangements ?

Ans: An exuberant imitation faux floral bouquet is a wonderful choice if you don't have a magnificent centerpiece to accent tables or utilize as year-round home décor. Whether it's for a birthday party, a Sunday dinner, or just catching up with friends and loved ones, TableclothsFactory's large selection of artificial flower bouquets for you to choose from.

Some of our stunning floral selections that mirror the natural beauty and delicate charm of real blossoms include fully bloomed faux peony arrangements, lifelike silk rose flowers, and real touch artificial hydrangea bouquets. These arrangements can be used as artificial wedding bouquets or set on a buffet, fireplace mantle, or nightstand for an instant dose of splendor that will last a lifetime.

Our realistic silk flowers will fill your surroundings with a blossoming charm, creating a pleasant and dynamic ambiance that family and friends will appreciate throughout the event. We offer silk wedding bouquets to fit almost any event theme, so have a look at our selection to find the tabletop floral arrangements that best suit your needs.

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