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Artificial Floral Garlands | Silk Vines Flowers

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Artificial Floral Garlands | Silk Vines Flowers


Lavish floral garlands and vines around any interior design project to add an element of the outdoors in. Vibrant fake vines for decoration, with a simple and realistic look, couldn't be more fitting to steal the show whether it be atop a mantle, in an arrangement, or amongst the components of your greatest creation. Highlighting one of the most distinct and stunning leaves, our Ivy Silk Leaf Chain Artificial Garlands will help you create the most imaginative and adorable landscapes. Excellent for use if you don’t have enough space on vases for flowers, our faux artificial garland isn’t short of glamour and will enliven your space.

Give your home, party, or garden space an everlasting radiance and colorful beauty with our realistic-looking fake vines for decoration. Available in an amazing range of lovely hues, these refreshing chains of artificial floral garlands will transform your tablescapes, banisters, poles, backdrops, and walls into vibrant miniature gardens. Lifelike construction makes this wholesale artificial garland mimic the fresh natural luster and attraction of real flowers and foliage.

For a pure pleasurable look and effect, pair these artificial flower garlands wholesale with our faux flower wall panels, giant blooms, rose bouquets, and artificial vines bulk. Bring the colors of joy and jubilancy with our artificial floral garlands into plain banisters, poles, arches, tables, backdrops, and anything else that deserves an extra dose of gaiety. Our artificial floral garlands will never lose its peerless elegance and impeccable radiance; use it time and time again with the same fervor and festive feel!

If you’ve been wanting to make your home interiors more invigorating and more vivid, then a slight peppering of greenery will go a long way in doing so. And what's more suitable than our artificial flower garlands wholesale to make it happen. Wholesale artificial garland that will go a long way in adding glee and a fresh viewpoint to your space, these artificial vines bulk will take your home to the next level.

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