Biodegradable Plates


Biodegradable Plates

Biodegradable, environmental and nature friendly wooden plates come as the perfect décor items for all events. Made out of hardwood these strong wooden plates are of high quality and are durable as well. Though crafted from best quality  hardwood these plates are manufactured with smoothened corners hence making them easy to be held and used by children and elderly persons as well. Our collection of Biodegradable Plates carry a stylish range of colors, styles, and shapes to suit every theme and occasion.

These bio friendly degradable plates are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, marriages, engagements, garden bonfires as well as for the casual barbeque parties at the back yard sit outs. If you wish to add class and convenience into your upcoming baby shower, choose from our Mint Blue Hexagon Fancy Dinner Paper Plates,  Blue | Blush Abstract Watercolor Hexagon Fancy Dinner Paper Plates, or Blush Hexagon Fancy Dinner Paper Plates. For a formal wedding or anniversary dinner, choose our Black Hexagon Fancy Dinner Paper Plates. Our natural Eco Friendly Birchwood Round Wooden Plates, Eco Friendly Palm Leaf Disposable Round Dinner Plates, and Eco Friendly Sleek Bamboo Disposable Round Dinner Plates, are an ideal dinnerware option for any grand or casual setting. Crafted with utmost care with food grade material, these biodegradable plates are durable enough to not just withstand heavy pressure or force but to also endure extreme temperature. These plates hold all food types ranging from piping hot sausages, melted cheesy pizza slices to cold foods such as fruit pies, pastries and truffle cakes. Hence they don’t smudge under heat or cold and avoids food leaking or spillage on the table runners, floor carpets or dresses.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand your desire to reduce your carbon footprints and adopt earth friendly practices, therefore we offer  stylish looking biodegradable tableware such as plates, forks, knives, spoons and bowls that are perfect replacements for the conventional  plastic cutlery items. These also don’t cause any bio-hazard as they are made from wood and are free from chemical elements and compounds. To choose safe and stylish dinnerware for your upcoming event, visit our collection now!

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