Eco-Utensils / Picks


Eco-Utensils / Picks

Jazz up the presentation of your scrumptious delicacies by serving them using exotic disposable cutlery to instantly take your display to a whole new level. These eco-friendly utensils and bamboo picks made of organic material will give a tempting and appealing look to your food.

If you are planning an outdoor picnic party for your kid’s birthday celebration, use gorgeous bamboo utensils such as our eco- friendly bamboo forks and knives that don’t contain any harmful chemicals and are a completely safe option for children’s use. Moreover, add a personalized touch to your party favor cupcakes by placing wonderful thank you round cupcake toppers to show your gratitude to the guests in a charming manner.

Whereas, to present your finger foods and appetizers glamorously, choose bamboo cocktail picks such as our eco-friendly party picks with colorful beads for an impressive presentation. Similarly, you can enhance the appeal of your beverages with earth friendly products such as our biodegradable sugarcane straws and disposable assorted parasols umbrella picks to infuse a stylish appeal into your setup.

With our dazzling collection of disposable tableware such as appetizer picks, cocktail skewers, wooden tongs, and wooden cutlery you can effortlessly add that posh and sumptuous appeal to your food presentation. So, what are you waiting for? Visit tableclothsfactory and grab your favorite bamboo cutlery and skewers now!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the most eco-friendly utensils ?

Ans: Finding the right disposable utensils to meet your party needs is important to the satisfaction of your guests and the success of your event. Don’t know where to start looking for eco-friendly biodegradable utensils? You’ve come to the right place because we've rounded up our best eco-friendly, disposable single-use utensils.

  • Birchwood cutlery is a great alternative to plastic cutlery because it is compostable. Forks, knives, wooden spoons for eating, and stirring sticks are among the items we have available. This biodegradable cutlery also has a textured feel, which can enhance the appearance of your dining table, particularly when you have visitors.
  • Every eco-conscious person who wants to contribute to sustainability and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle needs a bamboo cutlery set. Whenever you host a party at home or entertain, you can make an environmentally friendly choice by using these wooden utensils. They have a light brown texture that makes them extremely attractive due to the elegance they provide.
  • Another utensil made from bamboo, our wooden skewers are a tremendously amazing eco-friendly cutlery option for finger foods. Use these wooden skewers to serve your delicious entrees and hors d'oeuvres or to decorate drinks next time you have visitors over or for an event. 
  • Sugar cane straws are made from real sugar cane fibers and are biodegradable. These eco friendly straws are a great alternative to plastic and even paper straws that will get soggy after extended use. Use these eco-friendly straws to make your summer drink healthy and environmentally friendly.

2. Is wooden cutlery compostable ?

Ans: Wooden cutlery can be made from a variety of types of wood, such as birch, bamboo, or poplar, and is an environmentally friendly option that biodegrades and will not pollute or harm the environment. All of our wooden spoon and fork and other cutleries are certified compostable and will compost in any composting environment, whether it's your home garden compost or a commercial composting facility.

3. Where to buy wooden disposable cutlery ?

Ans: When it comes to parties, food trucks at a fair, picnics in the park, or quick-service restaurants, people often need disposable cutlery for both practical and sanitary reasons. For these occasions, it is essential to select the best cutlery, and TableclothsFactory's disposable wooden compostable cutlery is the perfect option. 

Our wooden forks, knives, spoons, stirrers, and picks are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Each piece of wooden cutlery is crafted by hand to not only look beautiful, last, and feel great, but is also environmentally friendly every time you use it. For a casual family dinner outdoors, choose our birchwood wooden cutlery set that contains no chemical coatings or toxins. For meals on the go, our bamboo picks and cutlery are great and efficient meal utensils.

You can also discover the perfect compostable utensils for all events among the various options we offer you. Plus, these sustainable cutlery alternatives are made to prevent splinters and keep your visitors comfortable. More reasons to choose our collection of disposable wooden flatware for home use or for an upcoming event.

4. Where to buy cocktail picks ?

Ans: If you are looking for eco-friendly bamboo skewers that will help you make your delicious dishes even more appetizing and beautiful, then head over to TableclothsFactory as we offer various types of bamboo skewers and wooden disposable utensils that are perfect for food service and party use. Use them at your house party, cocktail party, or any other gathering to make your dishes deliciously eye-catching.

We have eco-friendly bamboo skewer sticks in a variety of designs, some with a decorative piece on the other end for themed events and celebrations. With our bamboo skewers, the sharp tip is designed to pierce fruits, vegetables, meats, shrimp, scallops, chicken, etc.

Our premium quality bamboo skewers will add a stylish touch to burgers, sandwiches, fruit skewers, and drinks. Choose any of our bamboo cocktail picks, plain or decorated, to use with appetizers, cocktails, canapés, and main courses.

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