Bud Vases & Terrariums


Bud Vases & Terrariums

Flaunting crystal clear glass construction and modish shapes and styles, our collection of Classic Glass Terrariums will pleasingly satisfy your aesthetic creativity and artistic taste. Create spectacular and easy-to-maintain hanging arrangements for a visual appeal or make stunning centerpieces with flowers and succulents to impart a refreshing and energizing atmosphere into your home or party space.

Handcrafted and hand-blown by our master artisans with intricate artistry from heavy-duty glass, our glass terrarium can endure extensive use and is versatile enough to be used within diverse styles and occasions. Use our 7" Air Plant Glass Terrarium to create a lovely fairy garden with succulents, sand, and stones, or decorate it with seashells for a beach wedding decor. These hanging glass globes for plants are also perfect as a rustic wedding favor, housewarming gift, and decoration for other special events. 

Hang our 6" Teardrop Air Plant Glass Terrarium Plant Holders using our invisible hanging wire from your ceilings or roofs with succulents and fairy gardens to create lovely springtime projects for you and your family to enjoy. The charm of our geometric glass terrarium is simply irresistible! Indulge in the amazing experience of watching your air plants and succulent terrarium flourish and grow. Breathe life and beauty into your space with these glass vase terrariums suspended and mounted around.

At tableclothsfactory, we aim to go above and beyond to help our creative customers bring their aesthetic dreams and designs to reality. To this end, we’ve got you covered with Classic Glass Terrariums in chic designs and shapes that will definitely take your space and centerpieces to the next level of sophistication. To learn more about our glass hanging terrarium and globe terrarium, and some cool inspirations to showcase your air plants and succulent display, please don’t hesitate to visit our cool collection today!




1. Where can I buy ready made terrarium ?

Ans: If you're looking for home decor that is both practical and decorative to reduce stress while bringing the gardens indoors, then you've made the right move. Give your home or office a mini greenhouse by filling our tabletop terrarium with foliage plants or succulents. For a super low-maintenance garden, try pairing our hanging glass terrariums with air plants. 

Even if you don't have a green thumb, you will surely welcome the fact that terrariums are self-nourishing - which is why they need little upkeep. Ideal for small spaces, these little wonders are perfect for those who live in an apartment and want an effect of nature that promotes well-being in their interiors. Have a mini-nature greet you each day by shopping for glass plant terrarium and terrarium essentials and more at Tableclothsfactory.com.

2. How to plant a terrarium ?

Ans: Making a terrarium is just what you need if you’re curious to test your green thumb, but don’t have ample space to do it. These mini tabletop gardens are easy and enjoyable to create and a great way to beautify your indoor space. You can start your own terrarium by covering the bottom of your terrarium jar with a 1 ½ inch-thick layer of small pebbles or stones. They will act as drainage for your terrarium. 

Next, add a layer of potting soil. Once done, you can now add your plants to your succulent glass terrarium with the help of a pair of long tweezers. There’s no rhyme or reason for your terrarium design, play around with the arrangement, and don’t forget to enjoy it. After all the plants are arranged in your glass jar terrarium, complete the look with a layer of pebbles. You can also add some personality to your terrarium with miniature elves or jewels. Once your terrarium is finished, you’ll need to take good care of it. Water and sunlight are two essential elements for your terrarium to thrive.

3. How to make a moss terrarium ?

Ans: Moss terrariums are one of the popular choices for low-maintenance greenery in homes or offices due to their charming appeal and they require very little maintenance in the process. You can start making your own by selecting a glass terrarium container. Next, put about an inch or two of gravel into the base. Find some moss from your yard or garden and try digging some soil in which the moss also grows. Place the moss and soil in the terrarium glass bowl

You can also try potting soil and planting your moss on top. Make sure the roots are in contact with the soil. Add enough water to wet the soil, but not so much that it collects in the gravel. Layout some small pebbles for design. Mist with water from a spray bottle and cover the container with plastic wrap and never put your moss terrarium in the sun.

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