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Farmhouse Burlap & Lace Sheer Curtains


Burlap & Lace Curtains

Whenever you need to decorate your windows with something practical and attractive at the same time, we are at your service with our Burlap & Lace Curtains.

Rustic burlap curtains have a rugged charm and can also block out some light from infiltrating the interior of the house. The 3.5-inch sewn rod pockets give a modest fit and finish to any space, with the versatility to furnish any curtain rod up to 2 inches in diameter. Its attractive texture contrasts nicely with the smooth window sills and glass.

Bring a more natural and organic vibe to your kitchen, living room, and bedroom with a pair of our burlap curtain panels. Our farmhouse burlap curtains have an authentic natural feel and rustic appeal that will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Available in soft natural colors and offers a semi-transparent light filtering.

You can lend a refreshing, natural charm to your space with our eco-friendly burlap jute rustic home curtain backdrop panels with rod pocket, which ranges in size from 52x62 to 52x108 inches. Love lace curtain panels and rustic burlap drapes? You can couple our 52x96 eco-friendly burlap jute rustic home curtain backdrop panels with rod pocket with our ivory premium fire retardant fabric floral lace sheer curtain

Planning a Halloween event? Our black premium fire retardant fabric floral lace sheer curtain will create that “spooky” atmosphere if you pair it with string lights, pumpkins, and fake spiders. For a girl baby shower, we can help you with our rose gold premium fire retardant fabric floral lace sheer curtain, which will look perfect with our giant paper flowers and latex balloons.

Lace Window Curtains
Jute Curtains

Soften any scene with our lace window curtains. Bring variation to a contemporary look dominated by geometric decors, or lend a dreamlike touch to farmhouse style. Shop for lace curtain fabric in soft and crisp colors ranging from white lace curtains to black lace curtains enriched with luxurious lace detail.

We understand that curtains can tie together any décor, whether it’s your living room or party space. Whichever rustic window treatments you need – lace curtainsjute curtains, or burlap curtains – our collection of Burlap and Lace Curtains has always something to offer. Please don’t hesitate to visit it now and check out the best curtain panels at the most affordable prices!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to wash lace curtains in washing machine ?

Ans: Place your lace curtain panels in the washing machine & wash them under the delicate cycle/slow spin using regular detergent. If you are worried that the washing machine might shrink the lace curtain fabric, you can hand wash them instead using a mild soap/detergent.

2. Are lace curtains in style ?

Ans: Because of the delicate elegance and wispy appeal of lace fabric curtains, they have been in and out of demand through the years. They are undeniably chic which makes them the perfect match for country, rustic and traditional room decorations, though they are not always suitable for modern homes. 

3. How to make curtains out of burlap ?

Ans: Have you always wanted to add burlap curtain panels to your decor but don't know how to make one yourself? Why not check out TableclothsFactory's collection of Jute curtains that can easily give any room a natural, organic vibe especially when paired with our adjustable curtain rod set. You're sure to find the right burlap curtain to add texture to your windows and complement any view.

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