Centerpiece Trays & Mirrors


Centerpiece Trays & Mirrors

Do you want to add glamour and sheen to your event table decor? Look no further than our dazzling collection of Centerpiece Trays & Mirrors that’ll augment the appeal of your tabletop decor by manifolds. With stylish decorative trays and an alluring mirror centerpiece, you can effortlessly add a unique flair and sparkling glam to your table decorations. Available in a variety of shapes and designs they are the ideal decorative accents that can be used in multiple ways to evoke splendor and grandeur.

If you want to create the perfect whimsical ambiance for your romantic dinner, make a heart-warming centerpiece by displaying flower vases and candles on top of a heart-shaped glass mirror for a wonderful dreamy decor. Whereas, for your lavish wedding reception tables, design table numbers by sticking gold rhinestone numbers to hexagon glass mirrors for a sumptuous display.

If you’re looking for chic and elegant centerpieces for your party tables, opt for our gold metal crystal beaded mirror oval decorative tray and place flower vases and candles on top along with table numbers to exude a mesmerizing allure.

With Tableclothsfactory’s spectacular range of Centerpiece Trays & Mirrors, you can add that posh and opulent allure to your affair in a cinch. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today and grab your favorite table centerpiece tray and mirror table decor now!




1. What to put on decorative trays ?

Ans: Whether it's for a coffee table, a countertop, or somewhere in between, a magnificent centerpiece starts with the appropriate selection of its components. And using decorative table trays is the easiest way to create vignettes that seem well put together for any centerpiece.

One of the best aspects of having a serving tray decor is that you can easily alter the décor to refresh your interiors depending on the season and occasion. So choose your favorite decor tray from our collection and get inspired by these simple tray decorating ideas.

  • Living Room - Coffee table trays can be used to hold candles and a few coasters in one place in the living room. Another concept you can try is to stack up some old books and magazines and then place vibrant flower arrangements on either side or on top of them.
  • Dining Room - Keep dining accessories such as napkins, utensils, and salt and pepper nearby with a dining table centerpiece tray so you can conveniently get them during mealtimes.
  • Bar - Put classic barware beauties like martini shakers, mid-size pitchers, and collectible shot glasses on display on a silver tray decor instead of hiding them in your cupboards and cabinets.
  • Kitchen - While having things stowed in cupboards and drawers is practical, a few items must frequently be kept on the counters like oil, garlic, and salt. Put them in a kitchen table tray to keep them neat and less cluttered. You may also use a tray to serve as a fruit bowl on your kitchen island.
  • Bedroom - A wooden tray centerpiece in the bedroom can be used to store anything. Lights, flowers, candles, perfumes, photos, and jewelry are just a few of the items that may be placed on it to keep everything organized and appear nice. 
  • Bathroom - Keeping all of your cleansers, moisturizers, soaps, and other bath essentials sorted and in one place is manageable with a small round tray in the bathroom. It keeps things from piling up on your counters and makes it simple to find exactly what you're looking for.

2. What to put under centerpieces ?

Ans: Centerpieces have always been an important part of virtually any home or event design, and giving them the right highlight can even make them look more impressive. And what better way to draw attention to your home or wedding centerpieces than with a bright, reflective table mirror.

You'd be surprised how these centerpiece mirrors work their magic to make your table decorations appear more aesthetically pleasing. And if you think this mirrored centerpiece is too unpretentious, pick a shape and consider using them as glass charger plates.

However, if you don't like the reflective surface of table mirrors, you can always use alternative stylish accents for your decorations. If you need plenty of room to fit most items on your table, opt for modern decor serving trays, or choose wood slice centerpieces to add a refreshing rustic charm to themed occasions for your home or events.

3. Where to buy round mirrors for centerpieces ? 

Ans: Looking for creative ways to add that extra sparkle to your centerpiece creations? TableclothsFactory has the perfect table accent for your vases and flower arrangements, whether it's for your home, a wedding, or a special occasion. Working well in almost any interior design scheme, our table mirror decor is perfect for placing under your favorite centerpiece, scattering on a mantel, or using it as the base for a craft project.

Due to the way they catch the light and enhance important pieces, these mirror for table decor is the ideal decorations for wedding receptions. Make a statement with unique elements like acrylic gems and LED lighting along with lush flower bouquets or use our round table mirror or square centerpiece mirrors instead of a charger plate. 

If you have a large crowd with a wide variety of dishes, you may want to use mirror centerpieces to showcase some of the best-tasting food you have to serve. Or better yet, take an ordinary flower arrangement, candle display, or holiday décor and make it extraordinary over our centerpiece mirror because whatever you do with them, they're sure to bring your centerpiece ideas to life.

4. Where to buy decorative trays ?

Ans: Centerpiece trays are great and versatile décor pieces to use both at home and at events. Not only do they look stylish, but they also make almost any tabletop look more organized and less cluttered, whether it's a coffee table or a reception table. So if you're considering using one in, we suggest you check out our alluring collection of decorative serving trays.

When it comes to complementing grand, elegant-looking decorations, take your pick from our glass beaded crystal vanity trays and metal tray decoration with handles, which are beautifully embellished to give your centerpiece decorations a sleek appearance while providing firm support.

Alternatively, for an extravagant living room or baroque-inspired celebration, choose embossed rim acrylic serving trays to match your interior design or event décor. While our rustic natural wood slab centerpieces are an exceptional way to add a rustic touch to your banquet and party tables.

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