Charger Plates


Charger Plates

Add elegance and refined charm to your tablescapes with alluring dinnerware and charger plates. These decorative charger plates are made of high-quality material and are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs that will help you impart a sumptuous appeal to the tabletop decor.

Design a statement-making tablescape for your wedding, banquet dinner, and other festive dining parties with elegant charger plates to impress your guests. To exude luxury and splendor at your lavish wedding event, opt for exquisite table chargers such as our gold acrylic charger plates with engraved baroque rim adding a touch of glitz and glam to the table decor. If you want to give a contemporary appeal to your dining table, set clear acrylic scalloped edge chargers to deck up your tables to the nines.

Moreover, bring a lively appeal to your outdoor spring-themed brunch table by using colorful round plate chargers like lime green, hot pink, purple, and turquoise beaded charger plates for a flamboyant place setting. In a similar manner, for your jewel-themed wedding reception, use our navy blue baroque charger plates to impart a truly magnificent allure.

Give your tablescapes a stylish and charismatic appeal with tableclothsfactory’s trendy collection of dinnerware and plastic charger plates. Explore our collection and add elegance and panache to your event table decor!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the point of a charger plate ?

Ans:   A charger plate is laid beneath plates and bowls which are used to serve each dish of the meal at formal functions. They are not meant to come in touch with the food being served. Their aim is to enhance the visual appearance of the tabletop while enabling servers to effortlessly change the bowls and plates held on the charger, and protect the table linens from stains by capturing food and spills1.

Charging plates are useful for more than just aesthetics and stain protection. These plates can be used to keep your dining room table cover in place, lessen wrinkling, and provide additional decorations. If there is any damage to your table or tablecloth, no one will notice it if you strategically place your server plate on it.

2. Do you use chargers with placemats ?

Ans: It is not necessary to use placemats under server plates in most cases. It's okay to place the plate charger directly on top of a tablecloth. Chargers are decorative pieces that serve the same function as placemats in that they protect the tablecloth or table and add layers of color and texture to make the table setting visually appealing.

3. How to set a table with charger plates ?

Ans: Glass and disposable charger plates add function and style to formal dining settings, enhancing and protecting your table with your own personal flair. However, if you've never used charging plates before, you're bound to have some questions. In our straightforward guide, you will learn how to set the table using plate chargers and more.

For a formal table setting, the charging plate is placed on the table in front of the guest's seat, between the cutlery, under the glass, and one inch from the edge of the table, when building your table. Bowls and plates are placed just above the plate charger when food is served. Main courses can rarely take the place of the charging plate but are usually placed on top. The dessert plate is served without the charger.

When you're not using your dinner chargers for formal or casual dining, you can use them as part of your décor. For example, you can use it to display pillar candles, vases, or as part of the centerpiece.

4. Where can I buy charger plates ?

Ans: If you're looking for an easy way to instantly update and add a touch of refinement to your table setup, try adding plate chargers to your tablescape. TableclothsFactory has an extensive variety of styles and colors of these dinner plate chargers for each table and event.

With our variety of exquisite and distinctive table chargers, you can take your table design to the next level by using the best dinner plate chargers which can add a touch of sparkle or complement a rustic, sophisticated, or earthy theme.

We've got you covered for all affairs, whether you're looking for glass charger plates, clear charger plates, wood chargers, or the most exquisite gold chargers or silver chargers for a wedding. Plain, beaded, scalloped rim, square, and round service plates are among the many options offered in our charger plates collection. 

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