Crinkle Taffeta Fabric


Crinkle Taffeta Fabric

Our crinkle taffeta bolts will help you to craft a number of products, such as tablecloths, table runners, curtains, chair sashes, overlays, and even clothes. Let our extensive selection of crinkle satin fabric in different colors takes you to another level of phenomenal goodness. Be it a wedding, birthday, thanksgiving, or even office party, our wide collection of crinkle taffeta fabric will have you feeling wondrous and excited.

Check out our crinkle taffeta fabric for your table runners and table overlays that will make for a charming table décor set up. Our yellow crinkle crushed taffeta fabric will leave a warm and rich appeal that your guests will adore with tablecloths or table skirts. Be bold and daring with our chocolate crinkle crushed taffeta fabric that will give your décor designs the zing that you will marvel at.

Explore the rich beauty that our royal blue crinkle crushed taffeta fabric exudes. For a subtle look, feel free to use our turquoise crinkle crushed taffeta fabric bolt that will bestow a regal feel to everything you adorn it with. The purple crinkle crushed taffeta fabric will not only create a breathtaking ambiance but also a perfect décor set up for your curtain panels. 

Let your black-themed parties be covered with our black crinkle crushed taffeta fabric that can be used for designing chair sashes, table cloths, chair covers and even draping the ceiling. Our wide collection of crinkle taffeta fabric and crinkle fabric by the yard will have you feeling marvelous as this rich material beautiful exposes its rich texture. 

Whether an indoor or outdoor occasion, informal or formal event, our crinkle taffeta fabric will magnificently be perfect. At you will find a variety of products in different colors. Order now and you won’t regret it!




1. What is taffeta fabric used for ? 

Ans: We can't deny the fact that there is no better way to add texture and depth to your garments and venue decorations than with a beautiful crinkle fabric. Using this material will take your apparel and decorations to the next level. In addition to using these textiles in clothing, crinkled taffeta can also help you create a number of items that you can use in your home and celebrations.

Keep reading to know about some of the creative ways to use crinkle taffeta.

  • Enhance the appearance of your dining table by adding a crinkled fabric texture as a tablecloth and matching it with your dining chair sashes.
  • Surprise your guests with lovely and elegant drawstring favor bags fashioned from our black crinkle fabric
  • Make some pillowcases with our crinkle taffeta material fabric to give your throw cushions a makeover.
  • Drape several lengths of our crinkle taffeta drapery fabric over your walls and ceilings.

2. How to iron crinkle fabric ? 

Ans: Crinkle taffeta is a lovely fabric infamous for its crumpled appearance. When used for décor or crafts, however, it is likely to develop creases that will be a part of the fabric's texture. This is the reason why most people prefer them to use them over other textiles available on the market because it’s low-maintenance.

On the other hand, a crinkle cloth fabric still needs to be taken care of, as it too can be prone to deep creases when mishandled in any way. To preserve the charming texture of these textiles for a long time, it is important that you understand how to care for them properly.

Due to its crinkled effect, the textured taffeta fabric does not need frequent ironing. But if you want to diminish or eliminate deep wrinkles, you may need to set the iron temperature to the lowest level possible to avoid ruining the material and use a pressure cloth between the iron and the fabric, pressing lightly.

3. How to crinkle fabric permanently ?

Ans: A crinkled texture is simple to achieve, especially on soft textiles. After immersing the cloth in water and twisting it into a ball, you can leave it for a few hours to get a great crinkly appearance. However, this procedure is not permanent, and the crinkles will fade over time if washed. If you wish to permanently crinkle the fabric, iron the fusible interfacing on the backside.

If you don't have the time to make your own crinkle taffeta, you should check out TableclothsFatory's exquisite taffeta crinkle fabric line, which you can use for decorating right away. To keep the crinkled appearance for a long period, proper and regular maintenance is required.

We have a variety of crinkle taffeta fabric colors and sizes for you to select from. Choose our yellow taffeta fabric to give your drab-looking ornaments and embellishments a cheerful and festive feel. If you want to add a burst of color to your event decor, choose our royal blue taffeta fabric.

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