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Curtains Rods | Drapery Hardware

Bring timeless elegance to any space and décor with our glistening metal curtain rod with crystal finials. Featuring extendable telescopic design for rod adjustment, our designer curtain rods and finials are easy to install with included hardware. Complete heavy construction with Drapery Hardware, metal poles, modern round finials, and glossy finish, this best curtain rod for heavy curtains is an ideal way to elevate and beautify your interior space. Being contractible, our telescopic curtain rods can be expanded or collapsed to fit particular window sizes.

Created of steel in a designer finish, this single curtain rod highlights finials emphasizing tastefully adapted features for an upscale look. Its telescoping rod aids to accommodate your individual window expanses for a tailor-made fit, while it's usual rod breadth holds rod pocket and tab-top headers similarly. High quality and hard-wearing, use this contemporary designer curtain rods and finials to update your window treatment and room décor by hanging curtains, pleat panels, drapery, grommets, rod pocket drapes, etc. With the classy range of colors available, choose the best curtain rod for heavy curtains that match perfectly with our Satin, Velvet, Polyester, Organza, Burlap, and Blackout Curtains.

When furnishing your home interiors, it’s constantly viewed as a win-win when something is both stylish and useful. Say goodbye to piercing into windowpane trims and walls to suspend your curtain rod. Tableclothsfactory's modern take on a household classic offers a simple, yet practical and modern way to attach your Drapery Hardware, blinds, and sheers. All our metal curtain rod for heavy curtains features a smooth design and is available in aluminum and zinc alloy to complement various décors. A firm spring inside the pole produces a great force that holds the rod securely on the core of any window opening. Just elongate the rod to fit close from end to end inside the window frame, and rotate the rod into position, activating the strong, durable coil spring.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to hang curtain rods ?


  • Decide on how long your curtain rod should be by measuring the interior width of the window and adding four inches to the overall measurement you have gathered. It's best to purchase adjustable curtain rod and drapery hardware, so you can just simply adjust its length according to the measurement you have gathered.
  • Decide on the vertical placement of brackets, and the distance between your curtain rod and window. It's best to install your curtain rod 1-1/2” outside of the window on both sides to give your window a larger appearance.
  • Using a pencil and level, mark the holes where the screws should go.
  • Drill the holes for the screws. Slide the bracket on the screws and tighten them to secure the bracket.
  • Insert the curtain rod into the rod pocket of your curtain of choice.
  • Fasten the rod on to the curtain rod brackets and tighten the set of screws on the backside of each bracket to keep them in place.

2. How to measure for curtain rods ?

Ans: A great rule of thumb is to have the curtain rod extend three to four inches from both sides of the window frame. Use a pencil to leave a mark on the wall. It is best to use a level to be sure that the marks are straight.

3. Where to hang curtain rods ?

Ans: There are 2 simple rules to follow in mounting and hanging curtain rods.

  • To create an illusion of a larger window, mount the extendable curtain rod four to six inches above the window frame—or midway between the frame and the ceiling molding. Make sure to include the extra fabric when measuring.
  • To make a window feel more elevated and allow additional light to flow in when the curtains are open, lengthen the curtain rod three to six inches past the frame on both sides.

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