Decorative Planter


Decorative Planter

Imbue an idyllic flair into your home and event decor by displaying your flowers and plants in a gorgeous decorative planter to boost their charm. Available in a variety of materials and designs, these decorative flower pots are a perfect choice to bring a lively appeal to your indoors and outdoors.

Do you want to add a unique and modern touch to your wedding reception table decor? Exhibit your pretty blooms along with greenery in stylish gold-rimmed marble ceramic vases with gold metal stand creating an outstanding centerpiece for your banquet tables. 

However, to create an alluring floral backdrop for your wedding ceremony, install white hydrangea flower panels on a backdrop stand while suspending white wisteria garlands from the top and arranging gorgeous flowers in tall flower pots like our white crystal beaded Italian inspired pedestal stands positioned on both sides of the backdrop to exude a magnificent allure. 

In case you are looking for chic indoor planter pots to add a whimsical appeal to your spring-themed cake table decor, set your flowers in black tricycle planter baskets and place them on the dessert table to impart a quirky vibe.

Add a refreshing appeal to your home and event decor with tableclothsfactory’s exquisite range of modern pots for plants. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out our Decorative Planter collection now!




1. What do you put in decorative pots ?

Ans: If you have realized that your thumb is not as green as you thought and you have some modern and decorative plant pots or planters laying around, then there is no reason not to consider some alternatives. Check out these creative and simple decorative planter ideas we've compiled for you to put these versatile pots to good use.

  • Create a one-of-a-kind, glittering decoration by placing a spectacular floating candle centerpiece in shimmering gold metal planter pots.
  • Succulent plant pots can be used to organize your bathroom and keep bathroom necessities like scented soaps, cotton balls, and hand moisturizers within easy reach.
  • Fill extra modern pedestal decorative planting pots with seasonal silk flowers or artificial greenery for the holidays and make a long-lasting arrangement to display in empty corners of your home.
  • Instead of using ordinary planter boxes, fill small planter decorations with polished stones and preserved moss to create an all-year-round design feature.
  • Other than baby and dog toys, large decorative plant pots and planters can be used as a multipurpose interior or patio shelving. This is a lovely way to clear out the clutter in your indoor or outdoor living spaces.

2. Which pot is best for indoor plants ? 

Ans: There's more to consider when selecting a decor planter set than just how it looks. The type of material used, its size, and its drainage holes have an effect on the health of the plant. You should also consider the type of plant you are potting, as different plants demand different types of growing conditions. Furthermore, the plant and decorative plant pot combination must complement your home decor. 

It may seem overwhelming, but selecting the best ornamental planters is not nearly as difficult once you understand what to look for. First, consider the type of plant you have before choosing the potting material. Terra-cotta is always a good choice for cacti and succulents and most drought-tolerant plants. Plastic and glazed decorative planter pots are excellent choices for fiddle leaf figs and rubber plants that require a moist environment.

Is the size of the pot important? Yes, because selecting a plant container necessitates determining the appropriate pot size. We recommend selecting a pot that is 1-2" larger if your plant's existing pot diameter is less than 10”. Buy a pot that is 2-4′′ larger in diameter for larger plants with a pot that is already over 10′′ in diameter.

Finally, select decorative outdoor planters with adequate drainage holes to ensure that the potting soil does not become too wet after watering your houseplants. Whether your current plants require repotting or you have a few new additions to your indoor and outdoor decor planters collection that need extra space, you now understand how to choose the best new pots for them.

3. Where to buy resin urn planters ?

Ans: Have you been looking for tall PVC urn planters? Well, look no further because at TableclothsFactory we offer chic and modern selections of decorative planters that are perfect as stunning focal point centerpieces that will create a luxurious feel at events or in any room in your home.

Our pillar pedestal decor planters offer an elegant way to enhance your home and garden with their modern, minimalist design. We have white pedestal planters embellished with reflecting mosaic mirrors and crystal beads so you can obtain a glamorous effect for a wedding or special occasion. 

If white is too minimalistic for you and you want plant stands that scream extravagance at a glance, choose our all-weather gold pedestal stand with a durable construction that allows for years of lasting utility to display beautiful plants, flowers, or faux holiday greenery. From their classic urn-shaped cup to their pedestal form, our urn planters ooze timeless elegance. Choose from a range of various sizes and design options to find the perfect garden pot decoration for your home or event.

4. Where to buy decorative pots for plants ?

Ans: Are you looking for new flower pot containers to put your favorite plants in? In choosing pots, you have to keep in mind that they should be the right size for your blooms and greenery so they have the space they need to thrive, but that doesn't mean you can't add a little flair. Add greenery and a touch of stylish decor to any space with TableclothsFactory’s trendy selection of decorative planters.

Our selection of modern indoor planters includes medium-sized plant pots, metal flower pots with stands, and rimmed marble pots for plants. Large decorative plant pots are ideal for holding large foliage and flower arrangements, allowing your greenery to flourish gracefully without damaging them. Our small ceramic planters on the other hand are ideal for adding extra style to smaller stemmed flowers or succulent arrangements.

Choose from a variety of colorful pots, planters, and containers in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. We also have multi-purpose modern outdoor planters that can be used as ornamental pots, hanging baskets, or conventional decorative pots. Browse our wide range to find the perfect decorative planters for home or event decoration.

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