Decorative Trays & Jars


Decorative Trays & Jars

Jazz up your event design with attractive tabletop decorations that’ll instantly elevate the appeal of your tables tenfold. Stylize your party tables with decorative trays and decorative jars to ooze panache and flair into your event decor. The lustrous visual element added by these decor elements will surely bedazzle your guests.

Set up an adorable candy buffet table at your wedding ceremony to enhance the cheerful atmosphere of the festivity. Adorn the table with a white sequin tablecloth and arrange a white pedestal cake stand, silver floral edge white serving trays, and apothecary glass jars with lids along with flower vases for a fascinating display tray decor.

Are you looking for some unique tabletop decorations such as tray decor to impart a spectacular allure to your Christmas festive dinnerscape? Opt for our galvanized steel and wooden serving tray with metal handles and arrange pillar candles, pine cones, rattan balls, and lush leaves to create a striking centerpiece for the table decor. 

Moreover, you can also use decorative glass jars to make charming centerpieces for your event table decor, for instance, take metallic gold rimmed apothecary glass jars and fill them with lovely flower heads along with pearls to exude a mesmeric charm.

Accentuate the aesthetics of your festive tablescapes to a whole new level of glamour and grandeur with tableclothsfactory’s eclectic range of table tray decor, glass mason jar, and apothecary jars. Our unique and amazing collection of decorative trays and decorative jars will surely tickle your fancy. So, go and explore our online store now!




1. What do you put in accent trays ? 

Ans: A decor tray can be used for breakfast in bed, accenting a coffee table, or distributing drinks around during a party. These accent trays can also be used to freshen up, emphasize, and organize items on a tabletop. With just a few changes and additions, accessorize and personalize your table tray to best fit your theme and overall style with the following decorative tray ideas.

  • Regularly used items like vegetable oil, powdered garlic, and iodized salt should be easily accessible when needed, so stack them on our kitchen decoration tray in a convenient location.
  • In the bedroom, display a few of your most regularly used books and magazines by stacking them in an elegant serving tray decoration. For a unified aesthetic appeal, combine books with gorgeous blooms inside a geometric flower vase.
  • A small bathroom decorative serving tray is more than enough to keep all of your bath needs, such as soaps, cleansers, and moisturizers, in a convenient location in case you need them while relaxing in a hot shower.
  • Keep dining accessories such as dinner plates, linen napkins, and tall glasses on a gold decorative tray to maximize the space on your dinner tables, giving plenty of areas to display excellent meals and other items in your event.
  • Create a mini bar station with typical bar items like martini shakers, medium-sized pitchers, and shot glasses on a rectangular coffee table tray decor.

2. What to put in decorative glass jars ? 

Ans: If it weren't for glass jars, leftover food and smoothies would be nothing. These versatile decorative jars have quickly gone from austere food and drink storage to a popular event decoration, a base for craft projects, and a complete home accessory. The number of unique decorating ideas and home hacks available is limitless, all of which will make you wonder why you never thought of them before.

Whether for a party or to decorate your interior, you can fill these decoration jars with all kinds of elements and we are going to share some ideas to decorate jars below in case you have not yet been inspired.

  • Floral Jar - For a cozy look, fill the bottom of a large apothecary jar with decorative stones, then add some faux greenery and dried flower arrangements. To complete the look of this DIY project, put a string of fairy lights inside the jar for a whimsical display.
  • Seasonal Accents - When the holiday season rolls around, you'll want to create decorative jars with lids filled with earthy accent pieces like moss balls, sparkly pine cones, and small bits of driftwood. They are fantastic for adding texture and giving a little extra spirit to your home.
  • Spice Organizer - Instead of having lots of different spice canisters in your kitchen cupboard, opt for a well-organized system using decorative containers. Adding a chalkboard label on the top or in front of the mason jar with lids will make it simpler to find the spice that you need.
  • Mason Jar Lights - Make a shabby chic lantern out of dried moss, acorns, and string lights in a jar decoration for chilly evenings outdoors.
  • Bathroom Jar Decor - For your guest bathroom, fill glass decorative bottles or apothecary jars with colorful bars of soap. Then fill another jar with colorful fizzy bath bombs, perfect for a relaxing spa night at home. And finally, fill the bottom of another glass bottle with small, smooth pebbles or layers of colored sand to create a secure base for a candle display.

3. Where to buy decorative trays ? 

Ans: Even the simplest tables in the home or event space can be elevated and styled using decor trays. If you're looking for serving trays to complete your existing decor or looking for decorative trays in a variety of styles perfect for any contemporary space, take a look at our large selection of decorative serving trays, which come in high-quality materials including resin and metal, and are available in modern designs and intricate patterns.

Our mirror tray decor has an elegant gold finish and the mirrored surface illuminates whatever is placed on it, adding just the right amount of class. This metal decorative tray fits comfortably on a bedroom dresser or bathroom counter and is ideal for storing fragrances or bathroom items. On the other hand, our plastic trays will make a brilliant addition to a cocktail party. These sturdy disposable trays will also exude just the right amount of glam and shine on end tables or atop ottomans.

Choose our galvanized rustic farmhouse trays if you like natural-looking design elements rather than complex styles to complete a tablescape. They're great for displaying minimalist centerpieces and will help you achieve an industrial-inspired home and event décor in no time. Whether you're serving beverages to guests or enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed, our versatile trays will aid you to do it in style.

4. Where to buy small decorative glass jars ? 

Ans: Are you looking for a low-cost way to increase storage space in your house while also adding flair to a special occasion? If that's the case, a few decorative containers with lids on your tabletops can be just the thing to make your centerpieces and other decorations stand out.

TableclothsFactory has a considerable collection of decorative jars in various sizes and designs, including clear rustic mason jars, mini decorative candy jars, and gold-trimmed glass apothecary jars. These glass bottles will offer your party tables a unique yet appealing look that your guests will appreciate.

We have lots of decor jars and decorative bottles that you'll adore and enjoy using all year long, regardless of the season. Whether you're looking for a decorative container to add flair to your living spaces, organize cluttered items, or create new centerpieces for a special occasion, we've got plenty available with just a few clicks.

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