Designer Animal Print Fabric


Designer Animal Print Fabric

You can make your wedding decor unique and captivating with our Designer Animal Print Fabric. There is no lack of choices here. You may opt for different animal prints or simply amaze your guests with the cheetah fabric wedding theme – for which we offer you cheetah print fabric and a lot more animal print textiles.

You can be as creative as you want with our leopard print fabric bolt – as you can make table covers, table runners, or cloth napkins with it. In fact, you can take your guests on a safari with our gold zebra print fabric by the yard to make your chair covers or chair sashes!  Or you can make it realistic with our silver/black zebra print fabric by the roll – as you cover entire walls with it to create a safari theme!

You can make your wedding decoration exquisite with our ivory zebra print fabric by the roll – that has an inherent charm! Besides, you can make your celebrations bright & beautiful with our red fabric animal print fabric roll – as it spreads radiance all around your banquet. Also, our ivory leopard print fabric by the roll will blend with the theme of your reception perfectly while lending grace to your occasion!

We realize that you would like your celebration to be unique and gracious. At, we strive to offer you designer animal print fabric to impart unique appeal to your function! Visit us to explore our various types of animal print fabric that can blend with your party theme effortlessly!




1. Can you mix animal prints ?

Ans: There is no denying that an animal fabric print design provides some of the most unique and spectacular patterns for home and event décor. It is possible to create a notable and impressive look by mixing various animal fabric designs in your decorations. Choosing just one type of animal print can be challenging because there are so many beautiful options available on the market.

However, when it comes to animal print fabric by the yard, most people like to stick to one type of design as they are wary of combining different prints. But that shouldn't be the case. In fact, mixing animal designs can add more patterns and intricate variations to your decor and DIY projects. Given that the prints are based on earth tones and show repetitive patterns, they can be easy to work with.

The key is to choose different fabric pattern designs and colors that complement each other. If you use a dynamic print, such as a leopard fabric, pair it with a second pattern on a medium scale and the third one should be on a larger scale. Colors should be the same intensity regardless of whether they are bright, subdued, or pale as a similar color scheme aids in the creation of harmony.

2. How to decorate with animal prints ?

Ans: Infusing graphic patterns throughout an interior or party space is a lovely way to bring life, character, and a touch of happiness. But you might be surprised to learn that a designer print fabric, such as zebra, leopard, or cheetah, doesn't have to be overpowering to be eye-catching. They are, in fact, one of the easiest fabric prints to integrate into practically any decorating style. So, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, check out some of our delightful designer inspired fabric ideas to get you started.

  • To revitalize an unenthusiastic room, incorporate animal print throw pillow covers such as a leopard animal print for added texture and pattern.
  • Rugs and ottomans furnished with a red animal print fabric are a great alternative to add warmth and beauty to a bedroom.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone by making an animal print design statement runner for your staircase. It will also help hide spills and wear and tear on the stairs.
  • Create one-of-a-kind wall framed art with our animal print material and glamorously hang them on your living room walls.
  • From special occasions to everyday use, fashion table linens with our black and white leopard print fabric to create a magnificent and luxurious setting for any tabletop.

3. Where can I buy animal print fabric ?

Ans: If you’re looking for a great fabric that is unique and exudes style and sophistication, then you might want to consider checking TableclothsFactory’s diverse selection of popular animal print fabric that you can use for all types of home decor, upholstery, and designer creations. 

From leopard upholstery fabric to zebra upholstery fabric, these textiles come in a variety of earth-toned colors and zoological repeating patterns. Whether you're making draperies, sewing a pillow cover for a throw pillow, or looking for affordable fabric for a large DIY upholstery job, we've got you covered. In addition to making functional table linens, these cool fabric designs can also be used as a backdrop to conceal dreary walls. 

Incorporating animal print fabrics can dramatically enhance the look of neutral color schemes in your home and party décor. To avoid clashing patterns and making your fabric design look tacky and overwhelming, you can use multiple patterns in the same hue or go for just one pattern.

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