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Designer Cups & Glasses

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Designer Cups & Glasses

Broken designer glass cup or champagne flute is probably the last thing you would like to see on your important day. But how can you create a crowd-pleasing table setting without luxurious drinkware? Worry not – with our designer cups and glasses, you can get the best of both worlds without breaking the banks. The trick is that despite their visual attraction, our cups and glasses are made from heavy-duty plastic!

Depending on what you are going to treat your guests with, feel free to choose from an extensive selection. Thus, whenever you need retro-style designer wine glasses, we are at your service with our clear with gold base disposable champagne wine goblet,  which features a base available in a variety of colors. Is it going to be all about martini? Not a problem, your party won’t be complete without our plastic disposable martini glasses. You can also brighten up your wine-tasting party with our 6oz gold-rimmed clear champagne flutes cocktail disposable plastic goblet glasses or 5oz gold rimmed clear plastic disposable champagne glass, while our 6oz clear with blue base plastic disposable toast flutes will make your sparkling wine even more delicious.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to free you up from all the unnecessary chores and stress. With our cup and glass collection, you will enhance the sophistication of your wedding in an inexpensive and stress-free manner. Please drop by our collection to see what we are talking about!

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