Dining Centerpieces


Dining Centerpieces to Fit Every Home, Style, and Budget

Dining Centerpieces

If you don’t know how to finish off your table setup, chances are you still haven’t dropped by our premium collection, which offers an amazing range of candle holders, candelabra, luminous branches, and even large plastic margarita glasses for centerpieces.

In order to top off your setup with a gentle touch of Mother Nature, look no further than our natural ostrich plumes. In case you are looking for an extra-large martini glass vase for your acrylic martini glass centerpiece, a giant margarita glass for your margarita glass centerpiece, or an oversized champagne flute for your extra-large champagne glass centerpiece, we can help you with our 18'' martini flower vase with fillable stem – feel free to fill this vase with jelly beads, flowers, and acrylic strings for a spectacular display.

Don’t have genius martini glass centerpiece ideas? Don’t fret – adding a few votive candles will never hurt, especially, if you present them in our Criss Cross Design Votive Holder, 12” Rectangular Gold Metal Wedding Flower Stand, or Bird Cage Metal Hanging Candle Holder Centerpiece with Glass Cylinder Tube.

Table Centerpiece Decor
Modern Centerpiece

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that when it comes to décor, skimping on accessories may lead to a poorly designed setup. However, this rule doesn’t apply to our online store. Whichever statement accessory you choose, rest assured – from cake stands to extra-large martini glass centerpieces, our premium centerpieces will leave a lot of room in your decoration budget. Delay no more– just stop by us today and see for yourself!




1. How to decorate my dining table for everyday ?

Ans: Styling your dinner table for everyday use can be challenging as there are many everyday simple dining table centerpiece ideas available on the internet today. However, instead of leaving your tables bare, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few pieces of impressive center table decor even when you're not expecting any visitors? If you're stuck figuring out how to complete the look of your dining table without being too crowded, infuse it with elegance and comfort with these helpful and practical dining table centerpiece ideas for everyday use.

  • Putting a big focal point in the middle of the table is the most practical and not to mention the easiest way to add some extra personality to an otherwise plain tabletop. Timeless table decorations for home such as a refreshing flower arrangement in a large statement vase will do the trick.
  • If you don't have a tall vase to place on the center of the table, you can easily make your own attention-grabbing vignette and create visual interest by grouping items such as a set of modern table decor vases or candle holders of varying heights on a mirror serving tray.
  • Another good alternative to consider to draw visual interest upwards, especially for tables with a larger space is a vertical tray. Gather several kitchen items or seasonal decors and arrange them on a pedestal stand for an organized dining or kitchen centerpiece.

2. What to put in a decorative bowl ?

Ans: Have you ever wondered what to use to fill your decorative bowls or trays that are sitting on your living room coffee table, console table in the dining area, and other surfaces in your home? Because these bowls come in various shapes, sizes, and materials like glass or metal, they can be a great home accessory and can be used for several purposes.

Pinecones, seashells, moss balls, rattan balls, cinnamon sticks, and other natural items make a wonderful rustic filler for pedestal bowls and vases. Another way to enjoy a large centerpiece bowl is to simply fill it with water and add flower petals and floating candles. You can even purchase scented ones for a relaxing evening or when you have company. For decorative glass bowls, modern dining room table centerpieces like colorful glass orbs and marbles are the perfect fillers to add an elegant touch to a contemporary interior tablescape. 

If you always misplace your keys, putting them in one of your centerpiece bowls will ensure you know where to find them before heading out the door. Other than that, these decorative bowls for table can also be used to store small items like coins and jewelry.

3. How many centerpieces for long tables ?

Ans: A dining table feels lonely and incomplete until it is adorned with an eye-catching table centerpiece decor as it can enliven a table not only for everyday meals but also for dinner parties and special events. However, you can't just put a very large, bulky round table decor on a round table and on the other hand, display a minuscule and simple dining table decor on a long table. That will look a bit strange and awkward.

If you have a long dining room table, you'll need a large, attention-grabbing centerpiece to match it. For rustic-themed dining areas, use chic wood centerpieces for tables such as a long wooden planter or dough bowl to create a stylish farmhouse centerpiece with a touch of freshness. 

For dining rooms that maintain a more sleek and sophisticated palette, a pair of modern centerpieces such as Arch Bridge Design Goblet Candle Holders are sure to complement and add more visual interest.

If you’re not a fan or don’t have long table centerpieces on the ready, you don't need to choose from your vases, bowls, and candleholders because your massive dining room table gives you the alternative to showcase all three. Cluster them in the center of your table or spread them out. Either way, you can make your tablescape look as vibrant or as sleek as you like.

4. What to keep on dining table ?

Ans: There are dining table accessories that you should always have on hand to dress up your dining table for everyday life. In addition to choosing beautiful table linens, other must-haves for creating a functional yet visually appealing tablescape are your dinnerware and a great accent table decor. Your table centerpiece can be a stunning floral display, a chandelier, or a collection of candles and objects displayed at varying heights to add interest and drama to your dining space.

The beauty of these finishing touches is that they can be easily changed to match the theme of the meal or the occasion and also ensure that the dynamics of the room are constantly changing. You can try styling according to the season by placing a small vase of fresh flowers or bulbs that have recently bloomed. If you prefer a simple look, drape thin eucalyptus branches and other foliage across the table instead.

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