Dining Centerpieces


Dining Centerpieces

If you don’t know how to finish off your table setup, chances are you still haven’t dropped by our premium collection, which offers an amazing range of candle holders, candelabra, luminous branches, and even large plastic margarita glasses for centerpieces.

In order to top off your setup with a gentle touch of Mother Nature, look no further than our natural ostrich plumes. In case you are looking for an extra-large martini glass vase for your acrylic martini glass centerpiece, a giant margarita glass for your margarita glass centerpiece, or an oversized champagne flute for your extra-large champagne glass centerpiece, we can help you with our 18'' martini flower vase with fillable stem – feel free to fill this vase with jelly beads, flowers, and acrylic strings for a spectacular display. Don’t have genius martini glass centerpiece ideas? Don’t fret – adding a few votive candles will never hurt, especially, if you present them in our Criss Cross Design Votive Holder, 12” Rectangular Gold Metal Wedding Flower Stand, or Bird Cage Metal Hanging Candle Holder Centerpiece with Glass Cylinder Tube.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that when it comes to décor, skimping on accessories may lead to a poorly designed setup. However, this rule doesn’t apply to our online store. Whichever statement accessory you choose, rest assured – from cake stands to extra-large martini glass centerpieces, our premium centerpieces will leave a lot of room in your decoration budget. Delay no more– just stop by us today and see for yourself!

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