DIY Foam Decorations


DIY Foam Decorations For Crafters Of All Ages And Expertise!

DIY Foam Decorations

If you are looking for a universal material to streamline your crafting process, look no further than our collection of DIY Foam Decorations. As a lightweight, porous material, our DIY foam can be easily painted and cut into any shape. 

Styrofoam balls are great for all kinds of craft projects. All of our foam spheres are made of high-density foam that has a smooth and durable surface. Our soft foam balls paint like wood and are pinnable. If you are looking for a ball to stick blunt objects like faux flowers, these affordable styrofoam balls would be a better choice.

Whichever project is on your mind – a handmade foam ornament, foam mirror craft, or a foam mini-Christmas tree  – feel free to choose from our white styrofoam filler foam beads balls, styrofoam foam rectangle flats, or white styrofoam foam cone, to name just a few.  For your glittery garlands, inscriptions, place cards, or whatever deserves a sparkly touch, you can use our DIY craft foam sheets, which come in a myriad of hues. To jazz up your lackluster crafts, you can decorate your styrofoam ball crafts with our glitter glue sticks and washi glitter tape.

Foam Flowers
Craft Foam Sheets

As a jack-of-all-trades, you may find yourself indifferent to ready-made accessories. You'll surely enjoy crafting unlimited DIY creations with our DIY Foam Decorations collection, which offers a big variety of styrofoam balls, styrofoam discs, diamond rolls, stick-on jewelry, and more! Whichever magnum opus you are willing to bring to life, please don’t hesitate to hit up our online store. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where can I buy craft foam sheets ?

Ans: Searching for a fun and colorful material for your home improvement projects? Search no more! We got you and all your craft demands covered. Shop for craft foam sheets for craft projects at and give your DIY creations and projects a boost of vibrant shimmer and cheerful colors. Glistening and feels like sandpaper to the touch, these glossy foam sheets are of the finest quality and are easy to cut and drill.

2. Where to buy styrofoam balls ?

Ans: Discover endless artistic possibilities with styrofoam balls from TableclothsFactory. Our foam balls are lightweight and durable, making them the perfect base for all your craft projects, floral arrangements, party decorations, and many other applications. In need of styrofoam balls in bulk? The more balls you shop from us, the better price you get!

3. Can you use hot glue on styrofoam ?

Ans: When using a hot glue gun with styrofoam, the colder the better. Extra hot glue can burn or melt the styrofoam, which can release harmful fumes.

4. How to make Christmas ornaments with styrofoam balls ?

Ans: Nothing is better than an enchanting Christmas tree that is wonderfully decorated with handmade ornaments. And what else would look good hanging from this evergreen tree than fascinating styrofoam ball ornaments that are at the same time budget-friendly?

They are also very versatile that you can glue any kind of embellishments such as buttons, lace flowers, newspaper rolls, or just pin sequins, paper flowers, pearls, beads, and other inexpensive items to the foam ball. You can also use pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and dried fruits for a more natural hue.

5. What kind of paint do you use on styrofoam ?

Ans: Styrofoam products can only be painted with acrylic paints. Never use spray paint because the balls will just absorb them and the result won't look good.

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