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DIY Foam Decorations

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DIY Foam Decorations

If you are looking for a universal material to streamline your crafting process, look no further than our collection of DIY Foam Decorations. As a lightweight, porous material, our DIY foam can be easily painted and cut into any shape. 

Whichever project is on your mind – a DIY foam plane, foam mirror craft, or a foam mini-Christmas tree  – feel free to choose from our white styrofoam filler foam beads balls, styrofoam foam rectangle flats, or white styrofoam foam cone, to name just a few.  For your glittery garlands, inscriptions, place cards, or whatever deserves a sparkly touch, you can use our ultra-glitter foam single color DIY art craft sheets fofuchas, which come in a myriad of hues. To jazz up your lackluster crafts, you can decorate them with our self-adhesive diamond rhinestone pearl shape peel stickers, multi-shape self-adhesive diamond rhinestone peel stickers, or wholesale self-adhesive diamond crystal rhinestone stickers. Continue to bedazzle your guests by wrapping our hollywood-style endless diamond roll or silver V.I.P. style endless diamond roll around your tables, napkins, vases, and beyond. To make things easier, don’t pass by our removable balloon glue dots, floral tape for stem wrap, and hot-melt glue gun.   

As a jack-of-all-trades, you may find yourself indifferent to ready-made accessories. With our DIY Foam Decorations collection, which offers a big variety of styrofoam balls, styrofoam discs, diamond rolls, stick-on jewelry, and more! Whichever magnum opus you are willing to bring to life, please don’t hesitate to hit up our online store.  

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