Floral Supplies


Floral Arrangement Supplies For Every Floral Demand!

Floral Arrangement Supplies

It goes without saying that flowers are the essence of the event décor – without a lush bouquet or sporadic single stems in mismatched vases, chances are your setup will look dull and incomplete. At the same time, even the most detailed flower arrangement in a stylish glass vase is likely to look plain without a couple of additional accents – that’s where our collection of Floral Arrangement Supplies and Flower Arranging Tools comes into play.

Whether you are going to include blossoms into your setup or not, our collection of bulk floral supplies will definitely cover your bases. Thus, whatever you are going to put into your floral containers, we strongly recommend you lay a foundation on our green floral foam – make no mistake, it’s up to you to decide, whether you go for our wet styrofoam blocksfloral foam sphere, or our foam bouquet holders.

 To strengthen and secure bunched flowers and greenery, we offer our bendable and so very flexible Paddle Florist Wire which is an ideal accessory for flower arrangement and craft projects. You can also give your creations a boost of shimmer and cheerful color with our glitter studded washi tapes.

At TableclothsFactory, we strive to make your decoration process enjoyable and hassle-free. We have flower arranging tools and florist supplies for every floral demand, whether you need to keep your flowers divine or make your vases exceptional. With our collection of Floral Arrangement Supplies, you’ll be able to transform even the most ordinary centerpiece into a lush arrangement in no time.

Already have all your floral accessories? Be sure to check out our wide range of glass and metal vases. We also carry rustic wood and moss planter box options. To see what else we have to offer, please don’t hesitate to check out our entire range by visiting our collection now! 


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make flower centerpieces ?

Ans: What You’ll Need: Choose your favorite silk flowers and artificial greenery stems for your centerpiece. You will also need floral tape, a beautiful vase or container, and wire cutters.

  • Start by taking your floral tape and adding a cross-section over the container.
  • Take your filler greenery, like fern branches and fig leaves, and begin to fill in the sides of your container, moving toward the center until it looks nice and full.
  • Add a few of your focal blooms and put them throughout the grid until you're satisfied with the look, and finish off by filling in gaps with more filler flowers and greenery for an added dimension.

2. How to use floral tape ?

Ans: Floral tapes are surprisingly very easy to use. Simply hold the end of the tape in place with one finger and stretch it lightly as you wrap it around the stems of your flowers. By wrapping the stretched tape on itself, it adheres because the tape is covered with a wax adhesive that does not activate until the tape is stretched.

3. How to make a flower arrangement with fake flowers ?

Ans: Select an eye-catching glass vase and decorate it with sand or stones as fillers. Then cut the stem of your faux flowers into different sizes and arrange them in the vase. Remember to keep your artificial flowers clean with a blower or a silk flower cleaner.   

4. How to make a faux flower arrangement ?

Ans: Create a dramatic faux flower arrangement with silk flowers, artificial leaves, and greenery. First, cut the floral foam to fit the vase of your choice. Then arrange your silk flowers and rotate the vase as you go to make sure the arrangement is symmetrical.

Fill empty gaps with artificial leaves and greenery. Add all remaining faux flowers & branches until you are satisfied with your arrangement. 

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