DIY Wooden Planters Rectangular


DIY Wooden Planters Rectangular with Removable Liners


DIY Wooden Planters Rectangular

DIY Wooden Planters Rectangular are impressive and attractive centerpieces as wood on its own carries an effortless appeal. It has a warm, welcoming look that is certain to get everyone’s attention. They also have an extremely unique and complex design which makes them even more attractive and noticeable. Add some character to a drab area in your house or upgrade a wide tablespace with less effort when you incorporate our DIY Wooden Planters into the interiors of your home or for your next wooden flower pots DIY project.

These straight-grained wooden planter boxes for centerpieces enable you to grow a flourishing nursery without occupying a ton of space. The shape easily compliments into the insides of your home and it makes a decent difference to customary round growers. You can choose from either wooden square planter boxes for plants that require minimal space or get one of our Wooden Planters Rectangular for an assortment of blooms or a mixture of stunning succulents. 

Built from sustainable and sturdy Firwood, these wood planter boxes for centerpieces can be used almost anywhere. It's truly a statement decoration that will enrich any scheme or look within your home. 

Fill mason jars with herbs or any decorative flowers for that added countryside feel and then align them inside 18"x6" Natural Rectangular Wood Planter Box Set With Removable Plastic Liners for a rustic centerpiece in the dining room or kitchen table. The natural stain color of these unfinished wood planter boxes is sure to add a bit of nostalgic feel but you can always pick any whitewashed wooden planter if you prefer them painted.

These wooden planter boxes for centerpieces can also be used as an accessory to larger centerpieces, a stand-alone piece, or even be paired with other dimensions of succulent planter rectangle to create an exceptional arrangement. Fill these flower boxes with succulents, place little books in it to make an interesting book holder, stand it on its end for included utility, add them as a porch accessory, the possibilities are endless. 

Planning for a countryside wedding? Have you always been in love with a rustic style decoration? Our smoked brown planters, whitewash planter boxes, and natural wood planters all have a versatile appearance. They all have great potential for personalized or DIY craft projects like herb gardens, candle spreads, seasonal centerpieces, or wedding and holiday decorations. 

Depending on how you use them, you can place these wooden planter boxes in your office, garden, front porch, patio, backyard, or in your kitchen counter.

Flower Boxes
Planter Pots

There are different types of landscaping, and if you want something manageable, easy, and excellent for beginners, then indoor gardening with window boxes might be a great place to begin. 

Our wood planters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can be used the whole year-round to feature seasonal decor. They are great for countless different DIY and customized designs. Dress up and increase your indoor gardening space right where you can enjoy them on a daily basis while adding a sense of indoor style that will be the envy of your friends and family.

If you're looking for a lovely planter that will endure any climate, age beautifully, and accommodate many plants, TableclothsFactory’s wood planter boxes for centerpieces will bring you years of great use.

Are you shopping for planters for your home or a party? Browse our online store for a large selection of wooden planter pots and everything else to complete your DIY masterpiece. We have a wide variety of sizes available.

If you want to narrow down your options to something more specific, feel free to use our filter option. Don't wait any longer and order yours now!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to build a planter box ?

Ans: So instead of building your own DIY Wooden Planters Rectangular and rustic planter boxes, check out TableclothsFactory's collection of magnificent wooden flower pots. With plenty of options to choose from, you're sure to find the right minimalist window planter box to match your style so that you can get started with your indoor greenery in no time, and feel close to nature at the comfort of your own living space.

2. Do planter boxes need drainage holes ?

Ans: Wooden Planters may require drainage holes, depending on how permeable to water it is without them. Water that stays too long in a wooden flower pot will drown the plants by cutting out the oxygen supply to the roots, so excellent drainage is necessary. If the water can freely flow through the base closures of the rustic planter box, no further draining is needed, especially if removable plastic liners are included.

3. Should you put rocks in the bottom of a wooden planter ?

Ans: It's generally unnecessary to place rocks at the base of wooden planters especially if they come with removable plastic liners, as the purpose of these window box liners is to let the water drain while preventing soil loss.

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