Wood Planters


Wood Planters

Do you want to add an ethereal charm to your event design and theme? Look no further than our dazzling collection of wood planters that’ll elevate the idyllic charm of your rustic decor. These decorative wooden planters are made of natural wood with plastic lining inside so you can gracefully flaunt faux floral and foliage, while they are also perfect to bed real plants and herbs.

Using a wood planter box you can make simple yet alluring centerpieces for your rustic-themed wedding reception tables. For instance, flaunt pretty baby breaths in mason jars embellished with jute twine and placed inside smoked brown rustic natural wood planter box to impart a charismatic appeal to the event table decor. 

Moreover, for the rustic wedding dessert display table, creatively arrange rustic brown wooden crates along with wood slices, flower vases, and pillar candles adding refreshing earthy elegance to the festive ambiance. If you’re hosting a fall-themed lunch then decorate the table by displaying pumpkins, candles, and maple leaves in a white rectangular wood planter box to generate a captivating allure.

Breathe an idyllic flair and elegance into your event décor with tableclothsfactory’s alluring range of wooden flower pots and wooden planter stands. Browse through our eclectic collection of wood planters and ooze wondrous woodsy whimsy into your event decor!




1. How do you keep wooden planters from rotting ?

Ans: Wood planter pots have a unique aesthetic that makes them visually appealing. Despite this, wood deteriorates over time as moisture softens it and accelerates decay, regardless of how well they are taken care of. 

Fortunately, there are some measures you can do to protect your wooden planter from exposure to elements outdoors and the moisture in the soil on the inside. Take a look at the following helpful tips that you can consider to keep your wooden planters from rotting. 

  • Use a paintbrush to apply a sufficient amount of your preferred wood preservative to your wood plant pot. Mold and other spores will not grow on your wood boxes if you do this.
  • To reduce moisture contact, place plastic liners inside a wooden planter pot. Plastic sheets are typically used for these liners, as they can be easily molded to fit the planters better.
  • While wood plant pots must be sealed, they must also have enough drainage; otherwise, water will pool in the bottom of the pot, causing the wood sealants to age and degrade prematurely, as well as harming the plants.
  • To stop your wooden flower planters from quickly deteriorating, you can paint them with outdoor paint or varnish. To add another layer of protection, you may need to paint both the interior and exterior of the planters.

2. What to put in planters ? 

Ans: Have you run out of things to put in a wood planter pot besides plants? Here are some snazzy new ideas for wood planters that you can recreate in no time.

  • Side Table - A tall wood plant stand like our 44" White Plant Stand, is perfect for serving as a side table with a stack of magazines or your favorite books and a reading lamp.
  • Wall Storage - Making a wall shelf out of our Smoked Brown Rustic Natural Wood Planter Boxes is a cost-effective way to add some stylish storage to your home. These wood outdoor planters are also easy to put together. Simply mount them to the wall with iron brackets and you have a toast-worthy storage solution.
  • Utensil Holder - Instead of using typical utensil organizers, use a wooden plant pot to organize must-have party tableware like spoons, forks, serving knives, and cloth napkins for easy access by guests during parties ad get-togethers.
  • Shoe Rack - Multi-tier plant stands such as our 4 Tier Ladder Shelf are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any room in your home. Make a stylish shoe organizer out of this wooden plant shelf. It can also be used to store rolled towels, bath products, and other amenities in the bathroom.
  • Buffet Display Stand - Planter boxes with multiple levels like our Rustic Brown Wooden Crates can be quite useful for showcasing buffet meals. Stack and fill these small wooden crates with a variety of treats and food items or turn them upside down and use them as riser stands to elevate your mouthwatering food creations.

3. Where to buy wooden planters ?

Ans: Whether you want to brighten up your interior spaces or create a special centerpiece for your outdoor area, TableclothsFactory's wood planter boxes will help you accomplish both. These whimsical yet practical pieces combine functionality and creativity in one. Although they can be used to grow plants in them, they also serve as attractive home and event décor pieces.

Shop from a range of unique wooden planters that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Our wood box for plants ranges from tan wood planters to whitewash planter sets and smoked brown natural wood planters. All of these wood flower pots are handcrafted, sturdy, and come in a variety of sizes.

You can choose from our spacious garden wooden boxes or get narrow wood box planters to help your small potted plants reach their full potential. In addition to their organic appeal, these plant pots come in such a wide range of varieties that you'll likely find something to match your style. Use these flower boxes to grow blooms and greens, decorate your interior or an event, or use them as a stand-alone accent piece.

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