Eco Friendly Chargers


Eco Friendly Chargers

Spruce up your event table decor with glamorous disposable dinnerware that’ll add a touch of style and sophistication to your presentation. These eco-friendly disposable charger plates are sturdy, efficient in performance, and are the perfect decor accents for upscale weddings, birthday parties, and other festivities.

If you want to impart a contemporary touch to your dinner tablescapes, set our marble disposable charger plates, gold plates, and cutlery along with black napkins for a chic and modish allure. Whereas, to ooze glimmer and shimmer into your grand wedding reception table setup, glam up the place setting with gold sunray heavy duty disposable charger plates, ivory plates, and napkins adding a glitzy sheen to the tabletop decor.

In case you’re looking for stylish paper charger plates to elevate your romantic dinner table, place red disposable charger plates along with white plates and red satin napkins to create the perfect whimsical ambiance for your romantic dinner. Moreover, for your rustic-themed dessert table, arrange our wood slices and rectangular wooden slabs to stylishly display your sweet treats.

Jazz up your tablescapes with tableclothsfactory’s splendid range of wood charger plates that are eco-friendly, durable, and economical. Check out our collection of Eco friendly Chargers and augment the aesthetics of your event table decor like never before!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What can I use instead of plate chargers ?

Ans: The core of any great table setting is the charger plates. While chargers are commonly known as charger plates, there is no rule that says your venue setup should start with a regular glass or acrylic plate. If it's a cohesive and interesting look you're after, choose a charger that complements, but doesn't exactly match, the rest of your dinnerware, like wood charger plates bulk.

The concept of using unfinished wood slices as alternative plate chargers will appeal to couples planning a rustic or winter wonderland celebration. Wood slabs can also be used as centerpieces, a cake stand, or a display for the wedding guest book. Wood chargers will not only complement linen cutlery and napkins, but the warm tones of these tree slices will also complement organic flower centerpieces and give your tables a homey, down-to-earth feel.

If you prefer a tablescape with bold tablecloths and centerpieces, keeping chargers more muted will give your table an overall balanced and beautiful look.

2. What is the best material for charger plates ?

Ans: Bulk plate chargers are available in many different materials, shapes, and sizes. Please review the materials below to make an informed decision about what will work best for your upcoming event.


The main advantage of glass chargers is that they can come in various rim designs, shapes, styles, finishes, and colors. They offer classiness and elegance. These service plates are long-lasting and are perfect for people who use charger plates in their homes to create an elegant dinner setting, especially when they entertain often. 


Acrylic chargers are usually lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to clean and maintain. Acrylic is also robust, shatter-resistant material. This type of charger also comes in a variety of shapes and colors to complement the look of your dining room or event space. While acrylic charger plates can be quite durable, they do not always last as long as the more expensive ones, and the lacquer or paint may chip away or have dark spots over time.


For weddings and special events, it may be more economical to buy disposable charger plates bulk to save money. Now you can add glitz and glamor to your party and experience fine dining with stylish paper chargers that you can easily dispose of after use. Paper charger plates are disposable yet durable and offer an elegant option for decorating your table with ease. You can get them in round or square shapes and in various colors to match your event or party theme.


Natural wood circles appear to be vintage as well as modern and sophisticated. Consider rustic wood charger plates for your home or event if you want something different that will get your guests talking and produce something unforgettable. They are an interesting idea for a simple but beautiful table decoration, and they are totally compostable and recyclable, so they are very environmentally friendly. There's also no need to worry about these rustic charger plates breaking making them perfect for eclectic, coastal, and boho table decor schemes.

3.  How do I choose a charger plate ?

Ans: Different types of occasions call for different party supplies and the same goes for charger plates. If you want plate chargers that can serve both decorative and utilitarian purposes, there are several factors to consider. However, selecting the best charger from the many options available in the market can be difficult. That's why we've compiled a list of factors to guide you in finding the perfect decorative charger plates for your table.

Select a Design

Consider the décor and color scheme, as well as the other plates that will be placed on top of the charger, when choosing the perfect charger plate. Choose a charger plate that complements the event you're organizing, as well as the tabletop, linens, and dinnerware.

Consider the Size

Charger plates are essential for aesthetic reasons. To achieve their purpose, they must shine at the bottom of your dinner plates. They're also used to keep crumbs off of tablecloths and dinner tables. As a result, their dimensions are crucial.

Select the Right Material 

Remember to select the appropriate material for charger plates, whether you want disposable paper charger plates or eco-friendly chargers. Natural materials such as wood and rattan are ideal for rustic settings. Stainless steel, acrylic, and glass, on the other hand, are appropriate for contemporary and modern designs. Every material, however, has a specialization, but acrylic is at the top of the list due to its practical advantages.

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