Embroidered Bolts


Embroidered Bolts

If you are looking to make your event memorable, it will take more than classic solid-colored linens, backdrops, and other fabric decorations. In case you are not ready to spend a fortune, we strongly recommend you sew the needed accessories by yourself, using materials from our collection of embroidered bolts.

Whether you need embroidered tulle fabric for your banquet table overlay or organza with velvet embroidery for your winter celebration, you won’t leave our collection without a suitable option!  Are you after floral designs? It’s highly recommended to give a chance to our 54'' x 10 yards velvet embroidery sheer organza fabric bolt and 54'' x 10 yards sheer organza with satin embroidery fabric bolt – those twirls will enchant you with their sophisticated tango of festivity. 

If you are looking for embroidered sequin fabric, we are at your service with our 54'' x 4 yards daisy embroidered organza fabric roll with sequin and 54'' x 4 yards white enchanting silver parallels sequined lace fabric bolt – just throw some light on these glistening mesh embroidered fabric options, and they will instantly steal the show! 

Regardless of which option will win your heart, all our embroidered fabrics are perfect for overlays, runners, sashes, photo booths, and even garments. Furthermore, they are available at wholesale prices, meaning that you don’t have to rent ready-made accessories before every event in order to save.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that you strive to make your event stand out. Since making accessories on your own will minimize your spending, we are at your service with our collection of embroidered fabric bolts. Whether you need embroidered mesh fabric or organza with a velveteen design, please don’t hesitate to visit our collection and make a choice.




1. What to do with embroidered fabric ?

A fabric with embroidery is a great material for sewing and crafting endeavors. Because of its unique look and design, it is interesting to decorate your home with a variety of projects that include it. Here are some suggestions to help get you started with your embroidered sheer fabric.

Make Timeless Tablecloths And Runners

One way to use a sheer embroidered fabric is to create table runners and tablecloths to decorate the home or a special occasion. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any table setting and party theme. This beautiful and functional fashion fabric looks great when used alone as a decoration, but also works well to complement other decorations and can be used to liven up tables at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other event where a vintage look is needed.

A Great Addition To Any Wardrobe

A floral embroidered fabric can be used as an embellishment on jackets, skirts, and dresses. It can also be used to add detail to outerwear or shirts by adding a piece to pockets or to the front of a shirt. You could even use a floral embroidered lace fabric to create your own custom-designed floral embroidered dress or skirt for formal events or gatherings.

Create Unique And Stunning Window Treatments

Why not try something different with your interior design and make your own embroidered tulle curtain panels? An embroidered sheer curtain fabric, unlike printed textiles, is significantly more durable and appealing, and with a vast choice of designs and colors to choose from, you can create a distinctive style and show off your creativity using an embroidered tulle fabric.

A Nice Accent In The Bedroom, Sofa Or Couch

Make stunningly intricate pillow covers for your couch, bed, or window seat to instantly improve the look of your living space with an embroidered lace fabric or velvet embroidered fabric. By sewing embroidered pillow covers yourself, you may obtain the look of beautiful elegance using meticulously hand-embroidered cloth. This allows you to personalize and coordinate each pillow cover to complement your home decor flawlessly.

2. How to clean embroidered fabric ?

Take care of your crafts and embroidery projects properly and they will continue to look great for a long time. Embroidered fabric can be delicate and care should therefore be taken when cleaning these items.

Hand Washing

  • All embroidered textiles should be laundered in cold water using a mild detergent.
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach or optical brightening chemicals.
  • If color bleeding happens, rinse several times in lukewarm and then cold water until the water is clear.
  • When embroidered clothing is damp, never leave it soaking or in a pile.
  • Do not wring the embroidered fabric.
  • Rubbing stained embroidery is not advisable.

Machine Washing

  • Cold water machine wash.
  • Wash on a delicate cycle.
  • Remove as soon as the wash cycle is finished.
  • Immediately place the objects in the dryer in a normal setting. (Preheating the dryer for optimal results is highly recommended.)


  • Embroidered fabrics should always be ironed inside out to avoid flattening the patterns.
  • It is suggested to use a press cloth on the ironing board to keep the embroidery from getting crushed when ironing.
  • Keep the iron moving at all times to avoid burning the fabric.
  • It is not recommended to moisten the fabric before ironing or to use a steam iron.

3. Where to buy embroidery fabric ?

One Stop Shop For All Your Home And Event Decorating Needs

The embroidered fabric has long been a popular choice for formal wear, sheer curtains, and various home and event décor. You can effortlessly create a wonderful living area or event space with TableclothsFactory's beautiful range of intricately designed floral and sequin embellished fabric bolts. Choose your favorite among our many options of embroidered cloth and create amazing sewing projects, including upholstery, table linens, cushions covers, and more. 

Affordable Fabric Options With A Luxurious Look

Explore the unrivaled luxury of our embroidered fabric collection, handcrafted and decorated with intertwined threads and glittering sequence, and browse sumptuous embroidered material like organza, tulle, and lace with delicate and exotic patterns. Our embroidered bolts are a cost-effective way to decorate your home or event. Our rates are competitive and affordable, allowing you to purchase sequin and floral embroidered fabric without breaking the bank.

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