Faux Pearl Beads & Crystal Decoration


Faux Pearl Beads & Crystal Decoration

It’s no secret that pearls and luxury go hand in hand. Fortunately, there’s no need to raid all the oceans in order to decorate your venue décor from top to bottom with pearls. Made of high-grade materials, our faux pearl beads and crystal decoration mimic the regal gloss of their natural counterparts.

From now on, you don’t have to rack your brains trying to figure out where to use pearls, you can surround yourself with these rare gems without putting your wallet under pressure. Regardless of your color scheme, our plastic pearl craft beads won’t make you disappointed – available in an extensive color range, they will easily blend in with any surroundings. With the full selection of varieties, our imitation pearls give plenty of room for experiments. For your door wreaths, manzanita trees, backdrops, curtains, chandelier, or whatever deserves a voguish touch, you can choose from our string pearl beads, including our 62FT Pearl Garland Strings, 8mm Large Faux Pearl Beads, 3mm Faux Pearl Beads6mm Pearl String Beads and 9mm Pearl Heart Strand Beads Garland. Looking for a acrylic loose beads? You can show off the abundance and taste with our acrylic ice beads vase fillers – feel free to use them to decorate your crystal vases and just scatter them all over your lace linens.

At TableclothsFactory, we realize that decorating with fancy-looking decor can cost a fortune. To this effect, we’ve come up with the way-out – our fabulous Faux Pearl Beads & Crystal Decoration. Please don’t hesitate to visit our selection to check them out for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy fake pearls ?

Ans: If you're looking for fake pearls that are almost as beautiful as the real thing but less expensive for your jewelry or for decorating a wedding or other crafts, then your search is over. TableclothsFactory's faux pearl beads for crafts will add a sense of elegance to jewelry designs and will be on trend with their soft sheen and classic beauty. They can be used in all kinds of styles, from traditional formal wear and wedding accessories to casual office looks and day-to-day elegance. Use them like potpourri, adorning equally elaborate small plates and trays, including rose petals, pearls, marbles, and other elegant accents.

2. Where to buy beads near me ?

Ans: Provide the perfect finishing touches for you to achieve the glamorous, luxurious look you want at your weddings, parties, and lavish events. With their universality and classic charm, TableclothsFactory's sparkly reflective faux pearl craft beads are sure to provide a special balance of elegance that allows them to be worn both formally and casually and can be easily dressed from top to bottom. Generously scatter these glamorous pieces on tables and decorative centerpieces. Create beautiful visual effects, bringing them together in glass vases alone or combined with various pick and flower arrangements. There are so many craft items waiting for your creative mind! 

3. How to add thread to a beading project ?

Ans: Whether you are weaving on a loom or any one of the many other bead stitches, the length of thread you work with, the way you add thread when you run out, and the way you tie off the thread when you are finished are basically the same. You don't have to begin with the full amount of yarn needed for a project. Regardless of the size of the project or the number of beads used, you should work with a manageable length of thread on the needle and that would be around one to two yards. If you use any more than that, you run the chance of the thread twisting, tangling, and knotting. You can add a new thread by weaving the thread into the body of the project and then weaving it to the bead where you left off. All of the same rules apply. If your thread snaps and it is too short to weave or knot into the project, leave it as it is. Just add a new thread a few rows from the end, then weave this new thread through the last few rows of beads to bind them. You can tie a knot if you like, then just proceed weaving with the new thread.

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