Flameless Candles


Flameless Candles

Usher in a scintillating charm into your festivity with the soft romantic glow of flameless candles that are dripless and safe to use. These LED candles imitate the glow of conventional candles, generate a dramatic visual appeal, and are environment friendly as well. You can incorporate these LED flameless candles in several ways into your decorations and jazz up the event ambiance in the most surreal manner.

If you want to set a simple yet charming dinner table for your outdoor event, spread a runner on the table and set the vines along with flameless LED candles in the middle to create a heartwarming ambiance. Similarly, you can insert LED flameless votive candles in candle lanterns and suspend them from trees or place them on both sides of the staircase for a ravishing decor.

Moreover, these battery operated candles are a perfect choice for indoor festive decor, for instance, you can use flameless candles with LED string lights for Christmas dinner table decor, fireplace, mantle, and stairway decor emanating a whimsical flair.

Impart a majestic charm to your party space with tableclothsfactory’s dazzling range of candles. Take a look at different designs and styles and select exquisite flameless flickering candles and flameless candles with remote that’ll create the perfect whimsical ambiance for your celebration. Check out our flameless candles collection today!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How long do flameless LED candles last ?

Ans: It can be challenging to choose the right flameless battery candles when decorating for home improvement or preparing for a special event because all types are cost-effective and convenient to use. However, there are a few aspects to consider when choosing the best LED lighted candles for your requirements, the most important of which is how long they will last if used continuously.

A good-quality LED candle bulb can last for a year or more, but the candle's batteries need to be replaced every 12 hours or so, and even days in some cases. Of course, it will differ slightly depending on the length of usage and the type of LED candle set you will be using, as each kind uses a different amount and type of battery. 

Our flameless tealight, which is typically the same height and width as a traditional tea light, has a run time of up to 60 hours on a single replaceable button cell battery. These candles work particularly well as decoration lighting in beautiful tealight and votive holders.

Tapered candles are a classic aesthetic for holidays, dinnertime, or on a windowsill. You can use these long and exquisite candles with batteries in your favorite areas around the house without the hassle. And there's more. They typically require two AAA batteries that will keep working for an astonishing 72 hours.

If you're looking for a set of votive lights that appear lifelike, then our flameless votives are your best bet. These electronic candles are made with an open wave design and have a bright light that can last up to 50 hours on just 3 button cell batteries.

Lastly, with a burn time of up to 6 to 20 hours depending on how they are used, our LED pillar battery candles with timer offer an amazingly economical option, making them ideal for emergency kits. Furthermore, these pillar candles with remote have an automatic shut-off feature that turns them off after 4 or 8 hours, extending the battery life. Consider using a battery operated candle in the bedroom.

2. Where to buy electric candles ?

Ans: If you are looking for high-quality electric candles to display a beautifully lit candle in your home, outdoors, or for an event such as a wedding without the worry of an open flame, then you have come to the right place. TableclothsFactory has everything you need, whether you want an electric candle that looks like a real burning candle, LED candles, or remote control candles.

If you want something that's more of a candlestick shape with real wax drips or something to go in a candelabra, then our Flameless Battery Operated LED Taper Candles are the ones for you. These tapered candles have a lovely glow and are ideal for placing on your dinner table or on a windowsill.

If you are looking for flameless candles that sparkle more than usual, check out our Glitter Flameless LED Tealight Candles. These shimmering battery-operated tealights also come in three different colors: gold, red, and silver, making them perfect for any type of décor. Choose from a number of popular styles including pillar LED candles with remote and votive candles with an eye-catching glow that's safe to use anywhere.

3. Where to buy flickering candles ?

Ans: Whether you're setting the mood on a budget or want an accent and stand-alone décor that features realistic flickering flames, Tableclothsfactory's battery-powered flameless flickering LED candle lights will help you create the ideal aesthetic for your dining room, living room, or special event without any fire or burn hazard.

Now you don't have to go through the hassle of lighting a fire just to enjoy an hour or two of the same warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Our battery powered candles produce a cool-toned authentic candle effect and feature an elegant design that makes them perfect for creating a romantic or magical ambiance. You may either turn them on and set these decorative candles in attractive candle holders or just display them unlit. 

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