Flocking Damask Fabric Bolt


Flocking Damask Fabric Bolt

When it comes to upscale events, every cent counts. Crafting some accessories on your own will not just reduce your expenses but will also make your party space more unique. To help you bring your most creative ideas to life, we suggest looking no further than our Flocking Damask Fabric Bolt collection.

With the multiple velveteen particles, which were neatly deposited onto the lustrous surface of taffeta, our damask velvet fabric bolts offer a festive sheen and soft texture. Purchasing damask fabric by the yard from TableclothsFactory will considerably broaden your understanding of jacquard damask fabric design. 

Besides our classic Black/White Two Tone Taffeta Flocking Fabric Bolt, you will also discover our Animal Print Taffeta Flocking Fabric Bolt, which comes in a variety of hues. Depending on the size of your project, feel free to choose between our 54x10 Yards Taffeta Flocking Fabric Roll or 12x10'' Taffeta Flocking Fabric Roll.

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that grandeur projects require only top-quality tools. Whenever you need a bolt of damask taffeta fabric, our flocking damask fabric bolt collection is the best place for you to shop from.




1. What is damask fabric used for ?

Ans: Damask is a highly flexible fabric often accented with repeated damask patterns, which can bring beauty and grace to a wide range of applications, from garments to interior decorating. Here are by far the most common applications for damask material:

  • This beautiful and durable fabric can be used for table linens such as runners, napkins, and damask tablecloths as it can withstand regular usage.
  • In clothing, this flocking baroque fabric is mainly used for coats and evening dresses. Although this hefty fabric lacks the flowy characteristic of other lightweight materials, it produces a defined shape.
  • Damask is also often used in fashion items such as shawls and handbags. The combination of this beautiful flocked material and rich texture produces an enticing aesthetic which makes it ideal for designer pieces.
  • This tough flocking fabric is also a popular choice for home design because of its appealing damask design, making it ideal for upholstery, duvet covers, and draperies.

2. How to clean damask upholstery ?

Ans: Just like any other fabric, the beauty of damask linen upholstered furniture can gradually diminish if not given proper care and attention. That's why it's important to know how to properly care for damask upholstery fabric so it can continue to look stunning for a long time. Professional cleaning services can be a bit pricey, so learning how to clean them might come in handy.

When it comes to cleaning damask upholstered furniture, start by examining the fabric and brush off dirt and grime using a soft brush before vacuuming. After that, look for any areas that require spot cleaning. For this step, use a mild solvent-based cleaner and a white cleaning rug to remove stains. Let the area dry before vacuuming again.

Stains and spills may not cause permanent damage and are easier to remove if wiped up immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. Also, before using the cleaner on areas that require spot cleaning, test it on a small portion of the fabric first.

3. Where to buy damask fabric ?

Ans: Are you looking for a stunning yet easy-to-work-with fabric to produce glamorous table linens for an upcoming party? If that's the case, TableclothsFactory has a fantastic selection of flocking damask fabric bolts that you can use in a variety of DIY sewing projects and event decorations.

Choose from our damask pattern fabric, which comes in a range of colors and patterns such as the timeless black and white damask fabric. Because of the classic yet contemporary vibe of this textile, you can easily mix it with other fabric patterns and decorations. All you need to do is choose the damask color and damask prints that best appeals to you and will complement your existing theme and decorating style.

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