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Floral Tapes | Velcro Fasteners | Bouquet Holders

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Floral Tapes | Velcro Fasteners | Bouquet Holders

While no celebration is complete without flowers, balloons, and stunning backdrops, it’s completely impossible without certain “invisible assistants”, such as Floral Tapes, Hook And Loop Fastener Velcro, and Bouquet Holders For Artificial Flowers. Since these supplies are “invisible”, they are often overlooked and bought at the last moment. In order to prevent you from running from one shop to another right before the event, we strongly recommend you stock up on Corsage Tape, White Florist TapeHook And Loop Fastener Velcro, Velcro Cinch Straps and Bouquet Holders For Artificial Flowers at our online store.

Are you planning to get creative with florals? First, stock up on our floral tape for stem wrap – available in green, olive green, chocolate, and white, our colored floral tape and Colored Florist Tape is sure to broaden the horizons of your creativity. While being perfect for putting together bouquets, corsages, headpieces, backdrops, or craft florals, our colored floral tape will also help you out whenever you need to conceal the rough borders of the painting, fix or revamp an old project, and much more. At the same time, our foam bouquet holders will give firm support and grip to your flower bouquets – what’s more, featuring a straight handle and a rounded cage, our bridal bouquet holder stand and Bouquet Foam Holder to assist in optimizing depth and dimension of your bouquets.

Meanwhile, our hook-and-loop fastener reusable velcro strips and Roll Of Velcro Tape will hold your backdrops together. Available in black and white, they will be absolutely invisible under layers of decorations. Furthermore, made from high-quality fabric, they feature Velcro fastener, making them durable yet easy to use.

At tableclothsfactory.com, we understand that while being preoccupied with flowers, linens, and candles, you might forget about some essentials that stand “behind the scene”. With our floral supplies and fasteners, your event will go without a glitch – just visit our collection and see for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to use floral tape ?

Ans: Start by smoothing the loose end of the tape against the stem with your thumb. Then from the top stem closest to your flower base, wrap the green floral tape around it at a slight downward angle, continuing until you reach the bottom of the wire or stem you are trying to cover. Stretching the tape will activate it and will cause it to adhere to itself as you entwine it. Cut off any extra floral strapping tape by pulling it apart or by using scissors. If you need to redo your design, just pull the tape's outer end free and simply unwrap it.

2. Where to get floral tape ?

Ans: If you are looking for this deep green floral tape that is the foundation for unlimited floral creativity, look no further. Show off your creativity with the essential tool in creating floral arrangements and bouquets from TableclothsFactory. It's now easier than ever to combine all kinds of picks and stems to make a bold, beautiful DIY floral arrangements. Flower tapes are easy to tear, but its adhesive sticks well to a variety of surfaces. Use this tape to cover floral wire for bouquets, boutonnieres, or vase arrangements!

3. How much floral tape per bouquet ?

Ans: If you purchase your floral tape from TableclothsFactory, you will get 2 rolls of 90ft long floral tape per order. That means more wires or stems to cover, and you can create more impressive flower arrangement designs, big or small, without damaging your flower stems. It really isn't known how much floral tape you have to use per bouquet or spray. Just make sure the stem of your bouquet is fully bound before tearing or cutting the floral tape.

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