Foam Roses


Foam Roses

It goes without saying that Rose the queen of all flowers, which is the main reason why it’s so popular with event planners. While living roses lose their fresh-cut appearance very soon, their silk counterparts often couple durability with natural charm – most of them can fool you into believing that they are real… until you touch them. If you are looking for artificial rose flowers, which are also touchable, look no further than foam roses from

Crafted from styrofoam, these wholesale foam roses are extremely realistic to the touch. Available in an extensive range of varieties, our artificial foam flowers can cover all your bases. Is there a big wedding just around the corner? There’s no doubt that you can’t go without our artificial foam rose flowers, which are sold in bouquets. Meanwhile, our real-touch artificial foam craft roses, which come in a variety of diameters, will add a special touch to your backdrops. As soon as the backdrop is ready, and all your foam flower bouquets are on the table, continue with your rose flower theme by decorating your favors, napkins, or chair sashes with our foam rose with stem and leaves.

At, we go beyond and above to make your preparation process enjoyable and easy on your budget. Unlike other artificial blossoms, our surprisingly inexpensive foam roses will turn your understanding of fake flowers upside down – please don’t hesitate to drop by our collection to see for yourself!     


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make roses out of foam sheets ?

Ans: Use foam sheets to create rose flowers that look real. Other than foam, the things you need are a glue gun or super glue, floral wires and floral tapes, pencil, crafting scissors, pattern, sponge, oil or poster paint, and clothes iron.

  • Start by making some petal flower patterns on paper. It's best to make use of a pair of slim and sharp crafting scissors if you're cutting out petals with elaborate patterns.
  • Put your template on the foam sheet, trace it, and cut them out.
  • To create a gradient color effect, paint your foam petals by dipping your sponge in oil paint. Once dry, heat your flower petals by carefully placing them on the back of a hot iron for a few seconds, and then stick the petals onto a floral wire with a glue gun. 

And that's it, you have your pretty foam roses! 

2. How to make foam roses ?

Ans: You can follow the steps above, or an easy way to get real-looking foam roses bulk is by selecting one from TableclothsFactory's surprisingly affordable collection available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Our big foam roses are the perfect finishing touch for weddings and events as foam flower wall decor or go for our mini foam roses for crafting projects.


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