Glass Apothecary Jars & Mason Jar


Glass Apothecary Jars & Mason Jar


Glass Apothecary Jars & Mason Jar

Boasting intricate artistry and refined finishing, our astounding collection of Jars and Containers gives you a plethora of choices and inspirations to bring your aesthetic dreams into reality. Adding fashion with functionality, our line of Flared Neck Clear Glass Vases, Glass Apothecary Candy Jars, and Mercury Glass Vases together with a wide range of trendy containers and jars can take your décor to the next level of sophistication.

Crystal clear transparency of premium quality glass is highlighted by the artistic shapes and highly detailed finishing of our Glass Jar Vases. Flaunting contemporary styles of modern art and high grade glass construction, our 18" Glass Apothecary Jars, Crackle Glass Flower Vase, and Mercury Glass Vases etc. are perfect for making stunning centerpieces and unique floral, candle, or succulent display.

Perfect to steal the show on their own, these beauties are highly versatile as you can create stunning centerpieces by filling with pearls, decorative sand, glitter, or pebbles, make refreshing floral arrangements with fresh or faux flowers and foliage,  glam up your dessert and candy tables by filling with multi-colored sweets and treats, as decorative display canisters for your kitchen counter storing rice, sugar, spices, and even pasta, or add a little bit of luxury to you bathroom space by displaying mini soaps, swabs, bath salt, cotton balls, cotton buds, and other accessories.

Glass Jar Vases
Glass Candy Jars

At Tableclothsfactory, we know how you enjoy creating artistic masterpieces and bringing a modern twist to your home and party space. Our amazing line of Jars and Containers will fulfill all your aesthetic needs in the most stylish and economical manner. Don’t hesitate to check out the collection now!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is an apothecary jar ?

Ans: Glass apothecary jars are pretty household jars that are generally used to keep spices, candies, cosmetics, etc. These glass containers also serve as magnificent decorations like a lamp base or flower vase.

2. How to paint mason jars ?

Ans: Mason jars can be painted with acrylic paint or chalk paint. To start, clean the surface of the mason jar by rubbing with alcohol. To create the best masterpiece, you can use a painting sponge to get a smooth color finishing. You can also make use of a regular paintbrush to apply acrylic paint on your mason jars.

3. Can you freeze mason jars ?

Ans: Mason jars can break while freezing liquid in it as liquid expands when it's frozen. But if you want to use it for freezing purposes, you should leave the glass container empty 1-2 inches at the top. You can also try freezing liquid without the lid on it. Once the liquid is frozen, you can now put the jar lid back and keep it in the freezer. 

For hot liquids, place the jar in the fridge first. Once the liquid cools down, you can now transfer it into the freezer. You need to do so because freezing jars containing hot liquid might cause it to crack. Mason jars can be used for freezing but always apply safety measures to avoid breaking the jar.

4. Can you microwave mason jars ?

Ans: Generally, you will know if mason jars or other glass containers are microwavable if it has the label at the bottom that says "microwave safe." If the safety label is present at the bottom of the jar, then it indicates that the glass can handle high temperatures. Also, take off the metal lid or screw top before putting the jar in the microwave!

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