Glass Chargers


Glass Chargers

To brighten up the dining experience of your guests and pull your entire décor together, consider using charger plates. In case you don’t want to shell out for uber-expensive chargers, you shouldn’t look any further than our collection of glass chargers.

Looking for something versatile? We strongly recommend you to give our round beaded rim glass charger plates a chance – made from durable glass, these glass charger plates feature gold, silver, or rose gold beads, which make them compatible with metallics from our online store, such as our candle holders, candelabra, vases, dinnerware, sequin linens, napkins, shiny polyester table runners, and more. Meanwhile, whether you want to add a Victorian charm into your setup or end up with a Bohemian tablescape worthy of million “oohs” and “aahs”, you can make your dreams come true with our mirror charger plates which exudes shine and sparkles like our mirror glass charger plates with large pearl beaded rim, jeweled rimdiamond beaded rim, rhinestone rim, and glitter jeweled rim that will go perfectly with other classic dinnerware and tableware from our online store.

At TableclothsFactory, we realize that the more guests you invite the more money you spend. With our collection of glass chargers that offers beaded glass chargers, clear glass chargers, mirror chargers, and more, you can invite as many guests as you wish without fear that these service plates will devour your entire decoration budget. Whether you need gold glass charger plates with braided rims or glass chargers with a Victorian design, please hit up our collection right now!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy clear glass charger plates wholesale ?

Ans: Enhance the appearance of your place setting with high-quality glass charger plates wholesale that are made to complement any party theme or individual style. If you’re looking for an elegant addition to your dinnerware at wholesale prices, TableclothsFactory's affordable clear charger plates offer a fantastic way to add pizzazz to your dinnerware. Regardless of how you choose to use the glass charger plate, here is where you will find a wide variety of designs, from the most casual to the most formal.

2. What are charger plates used for ?

Ans: Charger plates or service plates are gorgeous decorative plates that are mainly used to catch pieces of food and avoid splatters that could discolor the tablecloth. These glass charger plates bulk also retain the warmth of dishes, as they are situated beneath bowls and plates. However, you can't eat off them because they are not meant to come in contact with food. Their main purpose is to amplify the visual effect of table settings and let servers easily take away the dishes after guests are done with the main entree.

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