Glitter & Jute Placemats


Glitter & Jute Placemats

A placemat on your table is an emblem of style and modernity, displaying a set of table mats with a unique design will show off your table and give it a touch of sophistication suitable for any gastronomic event. Available in many designs, our jute placemat can add charisma to your place setting, while the plethora of hues and different shapes of our glitter placemats can give your table a modern look. Pick the one which complements your dining space from our amazing collection of Glitter & Jute Placemats.

Create a sense of luxury and elegance for your special event with our Rectangle Sparkle Placemats Non Slip Table Mat in festive shades like red, navy blue, royal blue, iridescent, silver, rose gold, and myriad others to style your tabletop for dinner parties, weddings, or other festive events on a budget. Our glitzy and glamorous Oval Faux Leather Placemats With Glitter and Round Faux Leather Placemats With Glitter will not only add color and sparkle but also glam up your plain and lackluster tables. 

Their majestic effect and multipurpose application will give your tabletops a creative look to mesmerize your guests. For a striking appeal, pair these shimmering decorative placemats with matching glitter table linens, chair covers and belts, napkins, centerpieces, and candles to create a glitzy ambiance.

Add a charming, rustic feel to everyday dining with natural placemats handwoven from natural, sustainable jute. These boho placemats also make a lovely accent for country-themed events because their simple weave offers a bit of texture and their monochromatic neutral color pairs easily with worn linens and tablecloths.

Visit the glitter & jute placemats at now to find the perfect placemat sets, which will give the final touch to your ensemble without fearing that the table place mats would eat up your entire decoration budget. Please stop by our collection to shop for economical and premium quality dinner table mats.



1. How to clean glitter placemats ?

Ans: Do you love glitter placemats? Then you'll love our sparkly placemat cleaning hack. When bling placemats are used, they can look a bit dirty after a few meals. In case you spill something on it, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean it. For stubborn stains, here's a quick and easy way to remove them and get your glitter kitchen table placemats looking like new again.

  • Start by getting some hot water and a little dishwashing liquid.
  • It's good to have an old sponge or cloth that you can dispose of immediately after use because it will be dirty and some glitter will transfer to it.
  • The method of application is also important. You can gently rub the stained area of the placemat in circles or wipe it from side to side.
  • We recommend using two different sponges or cloths.
  • You may need to reapply the cleaning solution and then simply rinse with water again to remove all the soap suds from the placemats.

2. Will jute placemats scratch my table ?

Ans: Dining tables with time-honored design and stability might not withstand heat and scratches and might be prone to wear and tear from regular use. Therefore, keeping guests entertained is just as important as protecting your table's surface against heat, cold, and food spills.

No need to worry if you love the natural feel and look of round jute placemats, but aren't sure if they're safe to use on your tabletop for fear of leaving scratches due to the fabric's coarse-weaved strands. In fact, bohemian placemats made from natural fibers like jute are highly recommended, especially on wooden tables.

As well as striking a balance between fun and modern without being too formal, round burlap placemats are also easy to clean, making them ideal for use outdoors. Whether you want them to blend in with the tablescape or pop against contrasting tableware, jute placemats can undoubtedly fit every aesthetic demand.

3. How do you care for a jute placemat ?

Ans: Jute is a fashionable natural fiber with a good shelf life. This table decor can actually add beauty and appeal to dining areas and banquet tables. Dirt does not easily adhere to jute, so it is not difficult to maintain these round natural placemats.

However, using as little water as possible is the limiting factor in cleaning natural placemats because they can be ruined if soaked in water for a long period of time. For more tips on how to properly clean and care for jute rustic placemats, follow the simple steps below:

  • Immediately press a piece of paper or absorbent cloth onto your jute placemat when something is spilled on it so it doesn't spread everywhere. Continue to firmly but gently rub the affected area; do this until you feel there is no more moisture left. Do not rub vigorously to avoid damaging the fibers.
  • For red wine or tomato stains, wipe the stain with a cloth dampened with carbonated water to remove or at least soften the stain. Then do a second spot cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap.
  • Immediately dry the placemat with a hair dryer on low heat. Jute should not be air dried, as this can damage the fiber or cause mold and mildew.
  • Treat jute gently as it can be a fragile fabric. Keep this farmhouse placemat in the shade to prevent fading and fiber damage from the sun. Also, avoid twisting or scrunching the placemat, as doing so will damage its brittle strands.
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