Glitter Sequin Fabric Bolts


Glitter Sequin Fabric Bolts

If you are dreaming about bathing in rare gems, you don’t have to sail the seven seas in search of treasures – simply stop by our collection of Glitter Sequin Fabric Bolts and purchase whatever you want.

Since nothing screams celebration like bubbly, you can infuse your party space with its festive spirit with the help of our champagne premium sequin fabric bolt – millions of sequin rounds, which are flawlessly sewn onto tulle will remind you of hundreds of bubbles in a glass of champagne. 

To complement your beach party theme, we strongly recommend you consider our turquoise premium sequin fabric bolt – this blue sequin material is so reminiscent of a sparkly ocean on a sunny day. Planning to decorate around winter theme and need white glitter fabric? Not a problem, our white premium sequin fabric bolt will make you feel nostalgic for snowy nights. 

Whenever your décor calls for classics, such as a silver glitter fabric or a large gold glitter fabric bolt, you shouldn’t look any further than our silver premium sequin fabric bolt or gold premium sequin fabric bolt. To bring some passion into your décor, we can suggest our red premium sequin fabric bolt – purchase this red glitter fabric and complement it with gold or black accents from our online store.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to make your decoration process enjoyable and inexpensive. By purchasing our glitter fabric by the yard, you will not just save a significant amount but will also end up with a unique ensemble. If you are ready to bedazzle everyone, please don’t hesitate to visit our sequin collection now!




1. How do you put glitter on fabric ?

Ans: Most people think that applying fabric glitter on apparel and crafts is a great method to make them gleam even more. Using chunky glitter dust or sewing sequins onto fabric is the simplest technique to glamorize your designs. Yes, it may be a lot of fun, but it can also be complicated, time-consuming, and messy. So, if you don't have the time or don't want to go through the lengthy process, try purchasing a sequin glitter material that you can use immediately.

TableclothsFactory is proud to offer some of the best quality sequin linens in the supply chain. Each glitzy bolt of fabric is hand-sewn from small sparkly sequins or rounds of large sequins onto a sturdy fabric base to produce a stunning sparkly texture that really makes your decoration shine while ensuring it lasts. Because our wholesale fabric by the bolt is produced with great attention to detail, you'll be able to reuse your DIY creation over and over again.

2. How do you keep glitter on fabric ?

Ans: Glitter gives a glitzy touch to crafts and projects, but it can also shed onto other surfaces while you are working with it. This is because the glitter was adhered to the fabric with adhesive but was not properly sealed. By sealing the sparkly section of the glitter fabric before using it for your designs, you can avoid spreading the glitter on other objects.

Shake the fabric to get rid of any loose glitter. Then, with the glitter side up, place it flat on a surface. Spray with an aerosol hair spray labeled maximum hold all over the glittered area. This will serve as an adhesive for the glitter. 

Give it around 10 minutes for the spray to dry before using the cloth for your crafts or decorations. To avoid losing more sequins during the washing process, the glitter mesh fabric should also be very softly hand washed with a mild soap in cold water.

3. Where to buy glitter fabric ? 

Ans: Do you feel your space or decorations may benefit from some shimmer and glam? That won't be a problem because you can simply do this by decorating with sparkly yet inexpensive materials such as TableclothsFactory’s luxurious collection of mini glitter sequin and Payette sequin sparkle mesh fabric perfect for home decorating, parties, and wedding venue decorations.

If you're still undecided on which color and type to use, you might want to look for creative inspirations first. You can now select from various dashing bolts of cloth with sequins available that appeal to you the most. Then try to consider whether these delightful hues go well with your current decor.

Choose our premium white sparkle fabric to create a pleasant and graceful ambiance in your rooms and spaces. It's also a good idea to pair this color with another color because it complements a variety of hues. Use our Payette black sparkle fabric to give a sophisticated touch to your crafts if you want them to have a more modern and minimalistic vibe.

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