Glitter Tulle Fabric Bolt


Glitter Tulle Fabric Bolt

If you want to bring into your décor something sheer, weightless, and shiny at the same time, our glitter tulle fabric bolt collection is the best place for you to shop from. In our huge selection, you’ll discover sparkle tulle of different colors and designs.

Need a couple of pink glitter tulle or fuchsia tulle fabric spools to fashion your girl’s party apparel? Not a problem, with our Glitter Tulle Bolt, you can add a dash of ethereal sparkle to her attire. Looking for a rose quartz polka dot tulle fabric bolt for your wedding? We are at your service with our Rose Quartz Glitter Polka Dot Tulle Fabric Bolts, which are ideal to complement your pink or rose gold centerpieces, vases, favors, baskets, bows, and other accessories.

Whenever you’re on the lookout for affordable tulle fabric rolls or glitter tulle bolt to accentuate your crafts, feel free to choose between our Floral Lace Shimmer Glitter Tulle Fabric Bolts, Glitter Dot Tulle Fabric Bolt, or 54"x15 Yards Tea Green Hot Foil Stamped Glitter Stars Sparkle Organza Fabric by the Yard.  

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that as any creative person, you need plenty of high-grade materials at affordable prices. Whenever your ideas call for inexpensive sparkling tulle fabric or glitter tulle fabric wholesale or glitter fabric by the yard which can bedazzle, please stop by our collection now and see what we have to offer. 




1. How to add glitter to tulle ?

Ans: We cannot deny that the use of glitter tulle to embellish crafts and decorations creates a pleasant and festive atmosphere. Adding lustrous glitter to a plain tulle fabric, on the other hand, can be tedious and time-consuming because you must first choose the right tulle material and then clean off the excess glitter. As a result, instead of making one, try buying a glittery fabric that you can instantly use.

Instead of thinking about adding glitter to textile, here are some creative ideas for you to recreate using sparkling tulle.

  • Make attractive chair sashes for your dining and banquet chairs with our pink sparkle fabric, and finish with a sophisticated napkin ring in darker tones.
  • Rather than throwing your old candy jars, turn them into 
  • a gorgeous centerpiece by covering them with sheer glitter fabric and adding flowers inside.
  • Create a stylish curtain with our sparkle fabric by the yard to hang at windows in your living room or use as gorgeous backdrops for events.
  • To tie your gift favor bags and give them a sparkling finishing touch, use our orange glitter fabric as bows and ribbons.
  • Make your own flower pom poms out of our sparkle tulle fabric, combine many pom poms to make a larger one, and hang it from the ceilings of your home or party venue.

2. Can you put tulle in the washing machine ?

Ans: Glitter fabric is a dazzling yet very delicate fabric that makes them perfect to use on wedding dresses, veils, and ballet costumes. However, just like any other textile and fabrics out in the market, they also need to be washed properly to keep their gleaming appearance.

Because wholesale tulle is delicate, it should be washed with caution. Look for the wash care label on these glittery tulles if you're not sure how to care for them. To begin, you can clean your glitter fabric by removing the stains, hand washing gently before washing in the washing machine.

When washing tulle with glitter, you must exercise extreme caution because glitters do not work well when washed in hot water because the adhesives can melt. As a result, it's best to machine wash on a delicate cycle as much as possible.

3. Where can I buy glitter fabric ?

Ans: Consider incorporating a stylish yet luminous fabric from TableclothsFactory's amazing and elegant selection of sparkly fabric, which you can use to make adorable DIY crafts or highlight your current ornaments in your home and party venue settings if you want to add a touch of glitz and glam to your decorations.

Choosing the best tulle rolls will be heavily influenced by your decor needs, so it's ideal to select the perfect fabric pattern that will compliment your other accessories. Choose our green glitter fabric for a youthful and refreshing mood to give your DIY projects a clean look. It complements a wide range of colors, from neutrals like brown and gray to bright shades of yellow, blue, pink, and more.

Our glitter tulle fabric, on the other hand, is the perfect decoration fabrics by adding a glossy shimmer to your accessories. Glitter tulle can be combined with other decor components such as wedding candles, favors, and flowers.

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