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Greenery & Garlands

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Greenery & Garlands

It goes without saying that adding some greenery is the easiest way of incorporating a natural charm into any décor. If you are looking to make it happen without putting a strain on nature yet without compromising on the visual effect, our faux greenery garland collection is the best place to shop from.

Made from high-quality silk with utmost accuracy and delicacy, our artificial garlands can fool anybody into believing that they are fresh wedding garlands. Available in an enormous variety of colors and designs, our greenery garlands for weddings can infuse your space with their seasonal charm, regardless of what the weather forecast says. For example, in case you are longing for spring, you can invite it into your space with our UV protected rose chain artificial flower garland, UV protected artificial white baby breath garland, silk hydrangea artificial flower garland, and beyond. For your autumn-inspired setups, we can recommend you our UV protected fall ivy silk leaf chain artificial garland – to get the most of these ivy garlands, feel free to complement them with pumpkins, acorns, pine cones, and other autumnal attributes. For your floral arrangements or place setting décor, you can utilize our green UV protected artificial piggyback bush plant, fern bushes vine fake foliage decor, and more.  

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that it is not easy to deal with fresh greenery, which can lose its comely appearance at the worst possible moment. Though our greenery mimics the natural charm of real plants, it will never wither! Whether you need silver eucalyptus for your winter décor or fall foliage for your Thanksgiving table runner, please don’t hesitate to stop by our collection.

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