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Battery Operated String Lights LED

Holiday decorations give feelings of warmth and comfort even in the darkest and coldest days of the year. However, testing, installing, and combining lights can be anything but a joyous experience. Improve any area of the house, be it your living room or the backyard gazebo. All you need to light up the dark corners of your home is a battery pack and the whimsical glow of our Battery Operated String Lights LED.

Simple but pretty, our string led lights indoor are the ideal bulb string light set for those on a budget. Our battery powered string lights are crafted from high-quality bendable copper wire and comes with an easy to hide small clear battery box. As well as giving off that good nostalgic glow, our LED battery string lights are more durable, safer, and more environmentally friendly than classic incandescent bulbs.

Don't have an attractive light fixture over your dining room table? Hang four to six strands of our 90" Clear Starry String Lights Battery Operated with 20 Micro Bright LEDs low over your dining space for a very cost-effective statement illumination.

You can also attach our 90" Red Starry String Lights Battery Operated with 20 Micro Bright LEDs or our 90" Purple Starry String Lights Battery Operated with 20 Micro Bright LEDs to your wall using small nails and spell out your favorite word. Or wrap the leaves of a large plant with our 90" Assorted Starry String Lights Battery Operated with 20 Micro Bright LEDs for some added warmth to your greenery.

The battery pack is not waterproof, but the copper wire of the light strings are. These copper fairy lights can easily be hung on pegs or stuck on walls, depending on your liking. The lights don’t flicker or blink and are available in various colors that emit a soft, warm glow. If your goal is to create a special focal point in your room, these copper wire lights are your best option. 

Each Starry String Lights Battery Operated with 20 Micro Bright LEDs hangs from one wire to create a 7.5-foot curtain. Go the obvious route and display them on your window or doorway, or get creative by lining up your ceiling with a few sets of these enchanting copper wire string lights. You can even drape two curtains of lights over your bed to create a canopy. These LED string lights will never get hot, making them safe to use with fabrics.

Copper Wire Lights
Copper Wire String Lights

Whether draped over headboards, suspended from the ceiling and walls, laid out on tabletops, or coiled around trees and plants, these battery string led lights are mesmerizing. You can decorate any event or follow our lead and keep them up all year for your personal enjoyment. Easily bend them into any shape you desire, or group them inside a vase or container for a unique light source. Our goal is to make your party planning as easy as possible.

If you want to go for the classic warm white string light or want to get creative with our clear, red, blue, green, and other color options, we have a pick for you that can be mixed and matched for a kaleidoscope effect. Elegant and playful, these colored copper wire string lights are not only great as centerpieces, but they can be used virtually anywhere. Sprinkle some magic and fun even in your outdoor entertaining space with these Christmas string LED lights outdoor

TableclothsFactory considered longevity, cost, aesthetic appeal, and other features when making our selections to provide the perfect accent lighting to home and event centerpieces and arrangements. Benefit from the dazzling fairy effect of our Battery Operated String Lights LED not only on holiday celebrations but also at weddings, custom parties, the 4th of July, and many more!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy string lights ?

Ans: If you are looking for the perfect accent lighting that is versatile and can work well in any setting, you need to see what awaits you in our Battery Operated String Lights LED category. This is where our whimsical lighting accessories are found. Our collection of copper wire string lights includes a little of everything you will need for your home or event.

They are also a smart choice when decorating in areas that may not have access to an electrical power source, such as gazebos or even outdoors because they are battery operated. The diverse selection of our copper fairy lights makes them a great choice, whether you're planning a birthday party, festive event, or large wedding.

2. How long do battery operated LED string lights last ?

Ans: You can bask in the glow of our battery operated LED string lights for approximately 48 hours on the average.

3. How to hang up fairy lights ?

Ans: The materials you need to hang your copper wire lights will depend on what you are doing with the lights and the surface the lights are hanging from. 

  • Want to create less impact on your drywall? Use push pins or thumbtacks. 
  • Use a hammer and nails if additional pictures or objects hang from your string led lights indoor
  • Use self-adhesive, clear wall hooks on walls, mirrors, counters, and items you don't want to ruin. 
  • Use nails or thumbtacks for all other items, even outdoors. Remember to match the color of the nail or thumbtack to the color of your LED battery string lights. And never drive nails or thumbtacks through the wires. Drive them between the twisted wires instead.

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