Mini Dishes / Bowls


Mini Dishes / Bowls

Present your tempting appetizers and desserts in a glamorous way using disposable party supplies that are highly whimsical in their look. The chic and stylish disposable mini dishes and mini bowls for mini meal ideas will instantly elevate the appeal of any food and help you design interesting tabletops to wow your guests.

Create a colorful dessert bar at your festivity to serve the delicacies fabulously and impress the invitees. Opt for our charming small dishes such as our clear mini square plastic plates to display the mouthwatering mini treats enticingly. If you want to impart a sleek and modish touch to your salad presentation, use lovely small bowls such as our disposable bowls with curvy edges for a dazzling allure. Moreover, the disposable feature of these little plates and bowls makes cleanup time a breeze for any event. Want to design a gorgeous buffet table? Arrange your delights in attractive mini leaf-shaped plastic appetizer dessert plates, round dessert plates with handle, and white square plastic bowls for a perfect setup.

With the high-quality disposable tableware available at tableclothsfactory, you can spruce up your tabletop decor to a whole new level with ease. Our classy yet economical plastic disposable dessert plates are an ideal choice for your weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, buffet dinner parties, or any other event. Browse through our extensive collection of mini dishes and mini bowls and add a spectacular appeal to your affair!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What plate is best for dessert ?

Ans: There are as many great dessert plates to choose from as there are mouth-watering desserts meant to go on them, so we understand how difficult it is for customers to make a purchasing decision. That's why we've created a short buying guide that you can refer to if you're not sure what to look for.

You can serve your favorite desserts on small dessert plates, yet still, make a statement about who you are and what you enjoy. From an intimate gathering with friends to an elegant dinner with family, various stylish plastic snack plates will make your favorite dessert that much sweeter.

In choosing dessert plates, think about the type of desserts you'll be serving. If you're having a gathering and want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable, consider dessert plates or appetizer plates that are not only stylish and easy to handle, but also sturdy enough and feature a spill-proof design to keep desserts with sauces on the plate such as our 4" Clear Mini Square Plastic Dessert Plates and 3" Clear Mini Plastic Appetizer Dessert Plates.

If you want to show off lighthearted confections to highlight your playful personality, you can choose between our 3" Mini Wavy Rim Square Plastic Appetizer Plates, 2" Silver Mini Plastic Disposable Appetizer Dessert Plates, and 2" Heavy Duty Plastic Mini Saucepan Cups. Because what better way for guests to end their meal than with a dessert and hors d'oeuvres plates that show off your style, right?

2. What are little bowls for ?

Ans: In a kitchen or on a dining table, a small bowl is one of the most convenient containers. Small plastic bowls offer endless utility as they can be used as small dipping bowls and can hold small portions of appetizers and desserts, fruits, condiments, or any other food that can be served individually. 

Disposable bowls can also be used as prep bowls to portion ingredients when cooking, allowing you to keep a number of ingredients on hand for more organized and precise cooking. Most cereal bowls are made of glass, ceramic, or melamine, however, small plastic bowls are also available to enjoy your breakfast. 

These little dip bowls also make a nice addition to coffee tables and tabletops in any room. However, its use is not limited to sweets. These little bowls can be used to hold a wide range of snacks. While adding to the overall appeal of the room, you can also use them to serve extra treats to your guests who enjoy a quick bite 

3. Are plastic bowls microwave safe ?

Ans: Some plastic bowls have been specially designed to withstand the high temperatures produced by microwaves. The information is usually located on the bottom of the container and will be clearly labeled microwave safe. 

However, most of our plastic bowls are not microwave safe because the materials used to make them are not specifically designed to withstand the extreme heat inside the microwave. But we can assure you that these tiny plates and bowls are food safe and can withstand multiple uses.

4. Where to buy plastic bowls ?

Ans: If you're looking for a quality, but affordable small bowl set to make your hors d'oeuvres and other exquisite dishes stand out from all the rest, then TableclothsFactory’s mini bowls are just what you need. Their small size also makes them very convenient to use, whether you're serving snacks, soups, or desserts.

Our mini plastic bowls come in a range of various designs to suit any event. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a corporate event, or just looking for a fun way to serve your favorite snacks, our mini plastic bowls will help you make an impression. They're also great for use as soup bowls, pasta bowls, pinch bowls, and other uses.

Made from the highest quality materials, these little bowls are sure to last. Whether you need a large number of mini bowls for snacks for a party or just a few as sauce bowls, these mini plastic bowls are available at an affordable price. No matter what you plan to use our tiny bowls for, we're sure you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

5. Where to buy nice plastic plates ?

Ans: You'll be hard-pressed to find a website that sells a set of dessert plates, as well as other disposable tableware that doesn't look cheap. We understand that a party is not just about the food and decorations, but about making sure your guests are having fun. So why not make the momentous occasion even more memorable by serving delicious desserts in premium quality, stylish, and nontoxic small plate dishes from

Because our mini plastic dessert plate sets are disposable, they can be easily disposed of when your guests are done using them, so you can spend more time with them than cleaning. These 100% food-grade disposable plates also have a clean, contemporary look that would go well with many culinary masterpieces and even work as a sauce dish. We also have a huge selection of other high-quality disposable tableware and party supplies from dinner plates to tumblers, plastic servingware, plastic cutlery, and more.

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