Pillar Candle Holders


Pillar Candle Holders

Do you want to add a sophisticated finishing touch to your table decorations? Look no further than our fabulous collection of pillar candle holders to glam up your tablescapes like never before! Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday celebration, graduation party, or any other special occasion, we have stunning candle holder centerpieces and candelabras that’ll help you set up a grand table effortlessly without having to break the bank.

Tables speak a lot about your aesthetic taste and that’s why you’d want to convey your feelings to your loved ones in the most special way. If you’re looking for a modern candle holder to give an extra glamorous look to your table, opt for our crystal beaded pillar candle holder that will sparkle with the glowing candles placed inside.

But if you want gold candle holders to give your contemporary table settings an opulent look, you should choose our gold candle lantern centerpiece to make an impressive statement at the event. Double the charismatic charm of our chic candle stands by placing them atop decorative mirrors or scattering pretty rose petals, pearls, or confetti all over the table.

However, our mercury glass candle holders will be a perfect choice of glass pillar candle holder if you want them to be the main highlights of your table décor. There is no limit to how creatively you want to decorate your tables so, go ahead and add your favorite candles and candle holders to bring a touch of romance to any setting.

Check out Tableclothsfactory’s exclusive collection of chic pillar candle holders in various sizes and styles to create strikingly beautiful decorations on the table. Bring a modern twist by infusing florals with pillar candles and witness the magical transformation of your table décor into an alluring arrangement.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What can I put on pillar candle holders besides candles ?

Ans: If you want to use pillar candles to decorate an event or to beautify and illuminate an area of your home, you must definitely use candle pillar holders. There are practically endless ways to decorate with candle pillars because there are so many different types and styles available. You can also use items you already have on hand to enhance your pillar holders by turning everyday household objects into personalized pillar candle holders.

  • One easy concept we have for you is to use lovely balls to breathe new life into metal lantern centerpieces. This idea is also great for a pillar candle stand with glass tubes and is suitable indoors or outdoors and for any special event and themed occasions.
  • With minimal effort, bowls or plates can be added to tapered pillar holders to create charming serving dishes, and decorations, or even to store small household items like keys and coins.
  • You can also use seasonal or holiday-themed decorations, like boxwood topiary balls for Christmas or flower balls for spring. Simply place one on top of your tall candle holders to create a beautiful decoration piece.

2. How to clean pillar candle holders ?

Ans: A small wax stain can quickly become a major problem unless you know how to effectively remove candle wax residues from your pillar holders. It is considerably easier to remove candle wax while it is still warm. So as soon as the wax is cool enough to touch, remove the residue if possible after blowing out your candles because it may take a little longer to clean the holder after the candle wax has set.

Unfortunately, if the wax has already hardened, you can still soften it up by running hot tap water over it if your candle holders are waterproof, as most glass, metal, and ceramic candle holders are. Most of the wax should melt and you can wipe off any wax remnants with a paper towel or cloth. 

Another approach is to put the candle holders for pillar candles in the freezer for several hours before removing the brittle wax residue. This method is great for short pillar candle holders small enough to fit in the fridge. 

And since wax shrinks in cold temperatures, the hardened wax inside the pillar candlestick holders should fall out easily. After melting or freezing the wax, scrubbing should remove any residual wax. Line the bottom of the sink with towels if you're cleaning breakable candleholders.

3. Where to buy large pillar candle holders ?

Ans: Looking for the ideal pillar candle holders as home decor? TableclothsFactory has a large selection of stands for pillar candles in a variety of styles, including classic, modern, and architectural. For timeless grandeur, we have stately gold taper holders, multipurpose beaded cylinder vases, and futuristic geometric wholesale pillar candle holders.

Our taper pillar candle holder set features a sturdy base in a sleek glass or metal finish that will provide the perfect place to display your favorite pillar and votive candles set in the dining room or living room. Or, showcase our elegant geometric pillar holder that is perfect for creating elegant, radiant lighting on your tabletop or mantel. 

Add lighted or flameless candles to these centerpieces to delight your guests and make any event more memorable. Our column candle holders will look great on their own or as centerpieces with flowers and greenery. Perfect for your next party or for your home. Browse our collection, get inspired, and shop without pressure now.

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