Pintuck Fabric by the Yard


Pintuck Fabric by the Yard

If you are looking for something timeless, it’s highly recommended to give a chance to our Pintuck Fabric by the Yard. Made from taffeta, they are accented with tiny pintuck folds that augment the festive sheen of taffeta manifold – just throw on them some light, and behold the magical sight!

Whichever idea is in your mind, don’t hesitate to grab a needle, thread, and any pintuck fabric from our selection to let your creativity run free. Available in a rainbow of colors, our pintuck taffeta fabric bolts can become a part of any setup. In case you need something bolder than a timeless white pintuck fabric, we can offer you our fuchsia pintuck taffeta fabric bolt, purple pintuck taffeta fabric bolt, royal blue pintuck taffeta fabric bolt, and turquoise pintuck taffeta fabric bolt

Whichever shade is to your liking, please remember that all our wholesale pintuck fabrics are perfect for accentuating walls, ceilings, arches, furniture, or whatever deserves a seamless sheen of taffeta.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that some occasions require that touch of extra elegance, and taffeta pintuck can meet your expectations in this respect. If you don’t know how many pintucks you need why purchase pintuck fabric by the yard? A 54''x 10-yard bolt is perfect to start from. Regardless of how many bolts you need and which colors you are interested in, please don’t overlook our pintuck collection!




1. What is pintuck fabric ?

Ans: Distinguished by its small pleats sewn at regular intervals, pintuck taffeta is a great material choice for adding structure to your sewing projects. Pin tucks are frequently used fabric for dresses and table linens but have a wide range of other applications. You may be surprised to learn that this shiny fabric can be used in a variety of ways to spruce up your home and party décor.

Take a look at the following unique pintuck ideas for your next DIY project.

  • Sew a wonderful set of pintuck curtains with our pink pintuck fabric to give your living room drapes a fresh look.
  • Create stunning pintuck tablecloths and table linens to provide more elegance and protection to your tables.
  • Create striking and textured decorative accent pillows out of our pintuck fabric to add lovely detail and depth to your living room couches or outdoor patio furniture.
  • You can create a stylish pintuck comforter and give your bed a posh appearance with our pintuck taffeta material without having to spend a lot of money.

2. How to wash taffeta fabric ?

Ans: Worried about washing your pintuck taffeta cloth for an upcoming party? The good news is that pintuck taffeta is easy to maintain as long as you take proper care of it. The best way to maintain your pleated fabric is to always follow the washing directions for the product. If there are none, we suggest that you follow these guidelines:

  • Machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water with normal detergent.
  • Do not use bleach, unless necessary for whites.
  • Wash similar colors together and avoid washing with different fabrics.
  • To prevent wrinkles, tumble dry low and remove immediately when the cycle is complete.

3. How to sew pintucks ?

Ans: Pin tucks are a fantastic finishing touch that can be added to almost any piece of clothing or table linen. A pintuck pattern gives texture and inventiveness to an otherwise plain fabric and the little raised lines take very little time to sew. However, to accomplish this delicate intersecting pintuck pleats pattern you will need the right foot and sewing machine settings. Not only that, the spacing between the ridges on the pintuck foot should match the distance between the needles.

If you love the look of pintucks and plan on sewing a pleat or two just to add a little extra pattern to a garment, you can try checking out pintuck tutorials for beginners online. But if you want to sew pintucks on a large continuous piece of fabric, you're better off taking a look at our collection of high-quality Pintuck Fabric by the Yard at wholesale prices. 

Now you don’t need to learn how to fold, sew, and press to create standard tucks because you can easily create interesting designs and fabulous table linens, drapery, and other DIY crafts for events or home use with our charming pintuck fabric for sale at continuous yards.

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