Plastic Mesh Netting Roll


Plastic Mesh Netting Roll

If you are looking for an amazing product that can be used to decorate many things for a minimum cost, you shouldn’t look any further than Plastic Mesh Netting Roll from our online store. With an extensive range of colors and designs, our decorative mesh rolls will make your most unbelievable ideas a reality.

Depending on what crafts you have in mind, we are at your service with different mesh designs. In case your projects call for a sturdy accent, which will hold its shape, please don’t disregard our deco mesh wholesale– made from high-grade plastic, it will fool you into believing that it is fabric. 

In case you are after more intricate designs, we can help you with our 19'' x 10 Yards Polyester Hex Deco Mesh Rolls – featuring classic “waffle” design coupled with shimmering stardust throughout, this plastic mesh netting roll is perfect for table and chair accents, bows, floral arrangements, backdrops, and aisle adornments.

Meanwhile, those who are looking for something extra fine won’t be able to say “no” to our 19'' x 5 Yards Glitter Deco Mesh Abaca Scrunch Roll – as a quality scrunch poly deco mesh fabric, it is accented with gorgeous glitter dots that will enable you to create majestic adornments, which will exceed your expectations.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to provide you with the best Deco Mesh Rolls that the market has to offer. Available at affordable prices, our plastic mesh roll will give you a perfect opportunity to create a plethora of high-end accessories, which won’t cost you a lot. Please don’t hesitate to drop by our collection and see for yourself!




1. What to make with deco mesh ?

Ans: A mesh fabric is known for its lightweight, loosely woven net pattern and can be used for more than just making huge bows and wreaths for the holidays. In fact, these fabric decor can be used in a variety of ways to add beauty to your decorations.

Here are some clever ideas that you can use a net fabric to add elegance to crafts and event design.

Gorgeous Floral Accents

Choose from our colorful and refreshing poly fabric mesh to make beautiful deco mesh flowers. You can use them as an embellishment for kids' crafts, gift baskets, or use them as backdrops for baby showers, weddings, and other events.

Chic Table Linens

Use our mesh fabrics to enhance the look of simple white tablecloths and chair covers. Drape this deco mesh over tables or create a beautiful table runner and mix in some romantic candles to give your tables an extra layer of glamour.

Holiday Mesh Centerpiece

Using plastic mesh fabric, burlap ribbon, and LED candles, create a stunning one-of-a-kind table arrangement for your holiday table decor. This embellishment can be shaped in a multitude of ways to give your mesh decor a full, fluffy look that can be tailored to any holiday or event.

No Sew Window Curtain

You can use fabric mesh netting in many ways around your home. DIY window treatments are a great way to add a touch of personality to your windows. Use a deco mesh ribbon as no sew room dividers or create an adorable window valance for the kids or nursery by knotting pieces onto a curtain rod.

2. How to keep deco mesh from fraying ?

Ans: A fabric mesh is an excellent material for a variety of crafts, including flower arrangements, home crafts, and Christmas decorations. Although decorative mesh holds its shape well, it frays like any other kind of fabric. That is why it is essential to know how to cut your mesh material correctly to prevent it from fraying.

If all you have is a scissor, you can use it to cut your deco mesh, but it will not make a clean cut. Folding the cut edges and sealing them with fabric glue or sealant is a quick and easy way to prevent unraveling when scissors are used to cut this home decor fabric. 

Another ingenious way is to cut strips of decoration mesh with a heat sealing machine. If your heat sealer can't cut through the mesh you can try sealing it again. Alternatively, you can just take your scissors and cut off anything the heat sealer couldn't cut through.

3. Where to buy deco mesh ?

Ans: Looking for a versatile fabric that you can use to craft both home and party decorations? You'll love our glamorous rolls of craft mesh, which can be used as a centerpiece or as an embellishments for events, especially themed parties. You can use it to hang up decorations, confetti, and even streamers from the ceiling.

We have a wonderful selection of mesh netting fabric textures to choose from! Each mesh roll has a vibrant hue that will go well with any other accents or linens. From red to turquoise and from purple to black mesh, you’ll have many options to choose from. They are also highly durable and will last through all seasons that’s why we are confident enough that you will find the right deco mesh to match your taste.

Whether it's for Christmas, birthdays or just to spruce up your home, you can use decorative mesh in many ways. You can create elegant arrangements, event decorations, and even use it for gift wrapping. Our high-quality decorative mesh wraps and mesh ribbon are available at wholesale prices and will give your crafts the touch it needs and deserves.

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