Polka Dot Fabrics


Polka Dot Fabrics

Create beautiful crafts and designs with our budget-friendly Polka Dot Fabric. Our adorable dotted tulle fabric line features an array of dots that adds character to the classic non-woven polyester, stiff organza, and 100 % nylon material fabric. Tulle meshing crafted from nylon fibers is easily bent but resilient and is very effortless to work with. 

Whether used for an article of clothing, ornamentation, or crafting, our 54"x15 Yards Glitter Polka Dot Tulle Fabric Bolts, 12" x 10 yards Premium Velvet Dots on Organza Fabric Bolt, and 54" x 10 Yards Hunter Emerald Green Velvet Dots Sheer Organza Fabric Bolt is popular with many artists. Use this sheer fabric with polka dots as decorative accents to your home interiors and formal events. Bolts of this lightweight netted fabric can be curtained over walls or incorporated with decors and other centerpieces to help transform any room into a setting suitable for celebrations. This dotted bolt of tulle fabric doesn't require sewing or any finishing as well and the best part is it won't fray.

Add flair and personality to party decorations with our premium grade but affordable rolls of tulle with polka dots perfect for flower bouquets, wreaths, and other floral craft projects. This polka dot fabric is also great as a classy packaging for wedding and party favors. It will also be great to use on or decorate women's hats, party dresses, veils, pew bows, chair sashes, table decorations, beautiful tulle skirts, and any soft home or wedding decor. The excellent quality of the materials used means that it can hold its shape and resist creases or wrinkling making it very easy to work with and it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

The Lightweight tulle material, clustered with flocking dots provides a distinctive and perfect style that adds a touch of elegance to any decoration indoors or outdoors. These sheer fabric with polka dots are ideal for making a pleasant party ambiance, be it a wedding or any other occasion, simple or grandiose. Easy to work with, and being long-lasting, our dotted bolt of tulle fabric can be used to create several designs and decor crafts for any event. Check out and choose from our wide array of Polka Dot Fabric designs to go with your amazing creativity.




1. How to add polka dots to fabric ?

Ans: The use of a pin dot fabric or a large polka dot fabric in any setting can create a fun, playful, and interesting atmosphere. Making one for your crafts, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and messy, from gathering the materials to printing a multitude of dots to the fabric. That is why, rather than going through all of this trouble, you should consider purchasing a dot fabric that can be used right away.

Shop a plethora of fabulous dotted fabrics such as the red polka dot fabric, blue polka dot fabric, yellow polka dot fabric, and in every color imaginable, ranging from fine dots to large polka dots dancing over a sheer, mesh base. This classic pattern is suitable not only in garments and fashion design, but for needlework, home décor, and any other craftwork you can think of. Whatever it is you desire or have in mind, we can help by providing the perfect polka dot netting fabric.

2. How to get wrinkles out of tulle fabric ?

Ans: Tulle cloth is an excellent fabric to work with because of its soft and flowy qualities which are ideal for bringing elegance to festivals and functions. The disadvantage of tulle is that the same characteristics that give it its shape also make it one of the most difficult textiles to work with because it creases easily. Luckily, you can get rid of those stubborn wrinkles by learning how to use steam.

In your bathroom, hang your polka dot tulle cloth on a towel rack. Start a hot shower and allow it to run for a few minutes before inspecting the tulle to see if the steam shower successfully removed the wrinkles. A hand-held steamer is a convenient alternative if the steam shower does not remove the wrinkles. Hold the hand steamer a few inches away from the tulle when using it and check the tulle frequently as you work to ensure it is not getting too hot.

3. Where to buy tulle fabric ?

Ans:  If you want to take your dresses, crafts, and event decorations to the next level, you should check out our impressive collection of wholesale tulle bolts which feature flocked polka dots that can complement almost any theme, whether it is rustic-farmhouse or modern-contemporary.

This polka dot tulle mesh fabric is very lightweight and sheer, making it suitable for wedding accessories, flower arrangements, gift and favor packaging, and exciting accessories like tutus and children’s costumes. With its vivid color selection, versatile applications, and ease of use, this sparkle tulle fabric is ideal for special occasions and fashion decor and is a must-have for all DIYers, crafters, or sewers of all ages.

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