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Silk Rose Bouquet For A Fab Wedding Day Accessory!


Silk Rose Bouquet

As a symbol of love and romance, a Silk Rose Bouquet is a necessary addition to any wedding, anniversary, St. Valentine’s Day, and any other celebration that pays tribute to mutual affection between two people. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to bathe in roses on your big day, you shouldn’t look any further than our collection of rose bouquets.

Crafted from high-grade silk and velvet with utmost intricacy and attention to detail, our silk rose bouquets can easily fool you into believing that they are real. Despite their similarity to their natural counterparts, our rose bouquets come in shades that go far beyond natural laws. 

Thus, whenever your event calls for more surrealistic solutions, we are at your service with our royal blue artificial silk rose flowers, turquoise artificial silk rose flowers or gold artificial silk rose flowers, to name just a few – regardless of color, all these roses with green leaves are a perfect investment for your tabletop floral arrangements, backdrop styling, or party-favor making. 

Bridal bouquets are an essential detail for wedding ceremonies, and choosing the perfect flowers means considering details and color before making a final decision, making silk rose bouquets the perfect wedding sprays. 

Wedding bouquets can be arranged from various types of flowers, and you can select a bouquet filled with silk rose flowers and accentuate it with decorations such as crystal strands, pearls, brooch pins, and other accents and decorative materials.

Still, if you are looking for a decent option for a bridal bouquet, feel free to choose from our rose & hydrangea artificial silk flowers bouquet, artificial silk handcrafted open rose flowers, or velvet roses artificial flower bouquet – the latter will fascinate you with their realistic texture.

Silk Rose Flowers
Rose Bridal Bouquet

Long considered an emblem of love and beauty, roses are the perfect way to touch the heart of the recipient. Our silk rose bouquet is sure to add a loving touch and help you convey those tender feelings to your loved ones. These faux flowers emulate the delicate silkiness of fresh roses and are ideal not only as a wedding day accessory and bridesmaid bouquet, but also for craft projects, tabletop displays, or to enhance your home decor.

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that you can’t imagine your event without a red rose bouquet. With our hydrangea and red, pink & white rose bouquet collection, transforming your venue into a bed of roses will be extremely easy on your wallet – plus, it won’t affect your end result. Whether you are looking for turquoise hydrangeas or a red and white rose bouquet, please don’t hesitate to shop from our selection to find blossoms that best fit your décor!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the best artificial flowers ?

Ans: There are many options available to decorate with artificial flowers which can add up to the detail of your decor. Here are some of the best artificial flowers to adorn your home and events no matter the season:

  • Silk Hydrangea
  • Silk Rose bouquet
  • Faux Lotus flower
  • Silk Peonies
  • Faux Magnolia stems
  • Faux Orchid
  • Faux Anemone
  • Faux French Tulip
  • Mixed Flower Bouquet

2. How to make a silk rose bridal bouquet ?

Ans: Supplies needed: Birch bark, glue gun, twine/ribbon, flower wire, flower tape, wire cutters. Bouquet pins or flower brooch pins if you wanted to add a personalized accessory.

  • Prepare the stems by cutting them into usable pieces. Use wire cutters to trim excess leaves, leaving only one or two close to the flower. After having your single-stem flower stem and ribbon as needed allows you to extend the length of a flower easily.
  • Take two to four silk rose flowers to start the base of your beautiful bouquet. 
  • Start building your bouquet by adding more silk roses around the base flowers. You can do this by rotating the silk rose bouquet and adding stems until it is the desired size. This part is the personal preference of what seems best to you.
  • Wrap your silk rose bush in floral tape, starting at the top and down the stem. This will give your bouquet a little extra support. Trim excess stalks until the desired length is reached.
  • Cut a piece of birch bark to size and glue them under the edge of the birch bark to the stems.
  • Cut a piece of thread about a meter long and place a hot glue dot on the back of the stems over the birch bark to secure the end of the thread. Wrap the string around the stems that lightly cover the edge of the birch bark. Secure the brooch or pin with a hot glue gun and voila, you now have very stunning silk rose wedding bouquet.

    3. Can you use silk rose bouquet for a wedding ?

    Ans: Flowers are a big part of your wedding aesthetic, so don't pinch pennies. You might assume that using faux flowers like a big bouquet of roses will be economical, but in most cases, it will even charge you a little more. 

    After all, silk flowers and other types of fake flowers are crafted to last longer than a day. Silk flowers are some of the most famous artificial flowers, and there are a few various types you can select from for weddings like an artificial rose bridal bouquet. The individual stems of these rose flower bouquets are separate flowers that you can arrange to your liking, while the clusters are essentially bouquets. You can also incorporate elements such as branches and garlands into your silk flower bridal bouquet arrangement.

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