Rustic Cake Stand


Rustic Cake Stand

Impart a woodsy charm to your dessert table decor with our attractive natural rustic cake stand that’ll add a touch of classic rustic elegance to the event decor. Whether it’s a rustic, vintage, or countryside theme or event design, these wooden cake stands will ooze bucolic flair accentuating your table aesthetics manifolds.

If you want to set up a simple yet charismatic wedding cake table at your outdoor rustic-themed wedding, opt for our square natural wood slice cake stand with hairpin legs to exude an ethereal charm. Similarly, bring a rustic allure to your gender-neutral baby shower by setting a 3-tier rectangular gold/wood slice cheese board cupcake stand tower and donut bar wall display stand along with a few wood slices on the dessert table to display your sweet treats gorgeously.

In case you are looking for a chic and contemporary stand for cake to elevate the charm of your plain cake, flaunt the cake using a nonagon wedding arch cake stand to take your presentation to a whole new level of glamour.

Pep up your dessert table decor and enhance the appeal of your scrumptious sweet treats by displaying them on gorgeous cake and cupcake stands available at tableclothsfactory at affordable prices. Check out our wonderful collection of Rustic Cake Stands and infuse idyllic elegance and sophistication into your decor like never before!




1. How to style a cake stand ?

Ans: One of the most fun aspects of planning a rustic-themed event, especially for a wedding is choosing a cake, which is only half the battle. While it may seem trivial, the cake display is also a vital décor element, and more importantly, it should match the theme of the occasion. That is why it's never too early to start looking for a rustic wood cake stand that can immediately enhance your dessert display.

Satisfy your guests' sweet tooth with a delectable cake and display it on one of the many wooden wedding cake stand ideas we have for you below.

  • If you've chosen luxurious gold as the color palette for your event and want to add a metallic touch to your cake with gold accents, why not tie the concept in with your cake table décor? Combine tall metal chandeliers with your cake slicing equipment to integrate some metals.
  • Create a big statement by building a structure around your rustic wedding cake. A stunning piece of wooden cake board, like our wedding arch cake stand, can serve as the base of your display and later complement it with an abundance of crawling twigs and beautiful foliage.
  • If you're a fan of cacti or succulents, a rustic wood dessert stand would look great with these delightful and colorful plants in different sizes and colors. These miniature plants will also help fill out and add fullness to the area around the wooden dessert stand and give your presentation texture and a fresh look.
  • Why not include candles in your event styling ideas if you're a little bit enamored with them and want to create a gorgeous ambient mood unlike any other kind of decoration? When decorating your wood cake stands and dessert table, try to follow the rule of three and group three candles of varying heights together.

2. How to clean a wooden cake stand ?

Ans: With a beautiful wood slice cake stand, you can add a natural aspect to your entertaining. They're ideal for showcasing a cake, as well as stacking cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and other baked goods. However, you must clean them well after each usage so that they do not become moldy and can be used with food again.

Hand-washing tree stump cake stand products are greatly recommended as the heat and chemicals in a dishwasher can damage the porous grain of the wood. Wash a wood cake plate lightly with a soapy wet rag to clean it. Avoid soaking it in water and please keep the wood out of direct sunlight to avoid cracking, deformation, and aging.

Small stains may appear on a wooden cake plate which is natural. To remove them, simply sprinkle baking soda on the surface and rub a lemon on the stains, which is a fantastic natural abrasive that's also quite mild and smells fantastic, or use a soft sponge or cloth. Rinse the tree slice with hot water and wipe dry with a cloth.

For really tough stains, sand them lightly and recondition the wood. The same goes if your cake stand begins to look dull and dry, recondition the wood using food-safe mineral oil. Once your wood cake stand is dry, use a soft cloth or paper towel and apply mineral oil. Remove any excess oil with a clean cloth after it has completely soaked into the log cake stand so it doesn't feel sticky or oily.

3. Where to buy a wooden cake stand ?

Ans: Do you want to make the best possible impression with your sweet creations? TableclothsFactory's wooden cake stand and tiered servers with bark edges can help you do just that. Look no further if you are a big fan of vintage stuff and need a farmhouse wood cake pedestal for your intricately decorated rustic vintage wedding cakes. 

Display your adorable desserts on a wooden tiered cake stand for a simple and tasteful presentation that will impress your guests. For a timeless aesthetic, place your freshly prepared macaroons and delicately decorated cookies on a spacious natural elm wood cake stand or brown wood plank square cake stand. Do you want to display more than one country-inspired cake? Invest in our visually striking 3-tier crescent-shaped wood pedestal cake stand to show off your impressive dessert.

If you are unsure which rustic accent piece and tiered servers will look best at your event, for an elegant touch, choose functional and decorative stands with clean lines and gilded borders such as our 3-tier rectangular gold wooden cupcake stand. Whatever dessert approach you choose, you'll almost certainly discover the right rustic cake stand to fit your cake and cupcake display from our collection.

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