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Make Charming Accents With Seashell Decor & Decorative Sand!

Seashell Decor

Seashell Decor & Decorative Sand picture narratives of a sandy walk on a windy shore and the cadence of rippling ocean blue waves lapping onto beaches. Take the beach vibe home with our excellent seaside mix of shells for your ensuing beachfront inspired DIY seashell crafts, bulk sand and seashell projects, or beach themed decoration

You’ll get a variety of shells ideal for large projects or make them an excellent addition to a crafter’s toolkit, or as a gift when hosting parties and celebrations. Perfect for beach-inspired banquets, these seashell arts and crafts and colored sand in bulk are sure to intensify the coastal appearance and character of your table setting. Their soft, sandy colors are great neutral palettes to infuse color and personality to your tablescapes.

Planning to throw a beach party with several wholesale seashell flower arrangements to have your guest envision the wind refreshing their senses, waves crashing upon each other, warm rays of sun sparkling the sand grains under their feet, and the seagulls chirping filling the entire scene with freedom, mirth, and ease? 

Our splendid natural sea shells decor in admirable shapes, sizes, and colors will bring an absolutely trendy tropical twist to your celebration. Whether you are planning a wedding reception on a seashore or beachside, or simply want to bring that authentic ocean feel into your special day, our colorful seashells for wedding decorations will add a dash of happy festivity into your events Decor.

Create a strikingly enchanting beachy atmosphere with these seashell arts and crafts from Mother Nature. Now it's much cheaper and less stressful to organize a big day with loads and loads of fun and enjoyment for everyone. Indulge your guests in the sheer pleasure of breathing in the warm fresh ocean breeze with beautifully decorated beach events ambiance. 

Decorative Sand
Beach Themed Decor

Decorate the aisles with seashell adorned garlands, create a special centerpiece with a variety of seashells for wedding decorations in a vase or on your bridal or reception tables, decorate a mirror or a wreath with mixed seashells, tie them on your chairs, or make pretty favors by filling our Clear Seashell Favor Boxes with our shimmer tulle circles, and finishing it with a personalized tag or ribbon.

Our colored sand in bulk is an ideal choice for Unity Sand Ceremony with its exciting shades and coarse texture. Now you can effortlessly add beach-themed decor to offices, bars, restaurants, homes, shops, or beach houses. This dynamic colored play sand in bulk accessory can also be used to create vibrant sand paintings or mosaics, and sand projects for gifting and home decor.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy colored sand for crafts ?

Ans: Prepare to start crafting. Use various colors of decorative sand to take your DIY ideas from fun to fabulous. Use it in vases, jewelry, sand art, and more. Excellent for an exciting party activity, use the sand as a craft that guests can take home as a gift.

Celebrate the joy of your wedding day by making a lovely keepsake. Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, you will enjoy making decorative sand crafts. Harmless for little hands, parents can join their kids in building special crafts together.

2. Can I use decorative sand for plants ?

Ans: An easy way to unite the color theme of your garden or interior is to add some colored decorative sand to plants and flowers. Our decorative sand is perfect for plants and flowers and is available in a wide variety of colors. Use it indoors with a glass terrarium or outdoors with clear plastic pots and layer the colors you love.

Our colored craft sand will not fade when watered. To easily layer decorative sand, use a funnel and place it where you want the sand to flow. Alternatively, you can circle the bowl with a skewer and make a pattern in the sand. 

3. How to decorate vases with sand ?

Ans: Use your creativity to make your own very unique sand art. Pick some interesting sand colors and play with them. Mix and match glass vases in varying sizes to create a visually appealing assortment that you can display on your mantel or coffee table. You can also add small plants, succulents, and other decorative items for a more interesting and fun look.

4. How to decorate seashells ?

Ans: For a different look you can paint your shells. Try black and white or monochromatic hues for a contemporary or shabby-chic feel, or paint them gold for something fancy and glam. For a subtle pop, paint the very tips of the shells with gold.

These make great centerpieces for beach-themed weddings. Place them on the guest tables for added decoration, or hang them from the reception tent.

5. How to use seashells for decoration ?

Ans: Turn your home or event space into a tropical retreat with these DIY beach-inspired crafts and accents. With a few items from our Seashell Decor collection, you'll be able to give your home or party a tranquil, beach vibe without the high price tags found at gift shops and expensive beach decor stores.

  • Create a relaxing under the sea theme by using them for aquarium decorations and designing a miniature reproduction of the garden beach scene.
  • String them to make jewelry, create lovely seashell home decorations, or affix these mini conchs to surfaces for crafty borders. 
  • Use these shell decorations as party favor embellishments. Nice for making shell mirrors, seashell ornaments, shell wreaths, and adding a colorful accent to a basket of beach shells. 
  • String shells along florist wire, and attach to a simple wire hanger for a primitive wind chime. 
  • Use it as a table scatter for a beach party. Make beautiful vibrant decorations for the home living room, dining table, bedrooms, art gallery, luau party, restaurant decor, and more.

6. Where can I buy seashells ?

Ans: Add charm and authenticity to any ocean-themed event or décor project with TableclothsFactory's natural seashells. A beautiful variety of coastal decor shells in various sizes ranging from conch shells to other beach shells that will complement any design scheme with their warm assortment of neutral shades. 

Create a perfect nautical atmosphere for your home or party space. Our assortment of splendid conch shells is ideal for home décor, arts and crafts projects, and floral design. When you shop with us, you can always be sure that you are getting the lowest possible prices.

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