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Silk Easter Lilies

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Celebrate With The Timeless Elegance Of Silk Easter Lilies!


Silk Easter Lilies

The right perennials in the right room can make a huge impact on the appearance of any home. If you are looking for some adorable flowers to add to your home interiors then look no further than our gorgeous Silk Easter Lilies. Crafted from high-quality silk material, these bushes of artificial lilies are certainly the reasonable choice due to their vibrant hue and natural detail.

Moreover, these easter lily silk flowers blend effortlessly with different accents and color palettes, whether indoors or outdoors. The wire stalks on these silk Easter lilies can be easily bent and cut, making them the perfect DIY decorative accent on cakes, artificial bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and many more.

whimsical medley of lily and tulip bouquet delicately wrapped with tulle and embellished with pearl spray can be hand-held or used as an ornament for your next crafting project. Our trumpet-shaped artificial lily flowers resemble freshly-picked blossoms that will always look their finest for you to be carefree from trimming, withering, and wilting florals so you can use them in your spring displays year after year. 

Whether you want to add a relaxing appeal to bedrooms or want to introduce flowers that will beautify your living room without exerting much effort, TableclothsFactory's Silk Easter Lilies will seal the deal. Use these artificial lilies as a single accent piece or cut and group them with other ornaments.

Artificial Bridal Bouquet
Artificial Easter Lilies

Create an astounding visual impact on tables or desks, guaranteed that their soft colors combined with different settings will liven up any decor, home, or event. These artificial easter lilies are also for sale at the lowest possible price and are ideal for adding a bit of nature's wonder and all its glory whenever and wherever possible.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make a bridal bouquet with artificial flowers ?

Ans: What you will need for your DIY artificial bridal bouquet: flower shears, floral tape, bouquet pins, bouquet wrap, and your choice of artificial flowers.

  • Figure out what your budget is, what kind of artificial flowers you want, and how many faux flowers you’ll need.
  • Set up your workspace. Kitchens are ideal for making a flower prep because clean up is easy, and if you have a lot of counter space, even better! An outdoor space would also work.
  • Prep your artificial flowers. Make sure all stem lengths are approximately the same.
  • Start putting your silk flower arrangement together. Choose 2-4 flowers to be the “base” of your bouquet. Bunch the stems together and wrap them with floral tape.
  • Make sure there are 1 to 1 1/2 inches of exposed stem visible where you wrap the stems. Leave 4-5 inches of exposed stem at the bottom
  • Build up your DIY wedding bouquet with additional artificial flowers. Add flowers around your anchored flowers to create a bunch. Envision your bouquet and its focal point.
  • Mix textures and colors to create an interesting composition. Continuously wrap your bouquet with floral tape as you add flowers.

2. How to care for easter lily ?

 Ans: Your Silk Easter Lilies will stand the test of time if you use these tried and tested tips on how to care for them!

  • Keep your beautiful artificial lilies indoors, out of direct sunlight so their vibrant colors won't fade.
  • Dusting your artificial lily flowers with a feather duster regularly is the quickest and easiest way to keep them looking their best, but sometimes they need to be washed to remove dust and debris buildup.
  • To thoroughly clean your easter lily silk flowers, simply remove the heads from the stems, then wash in warm water with a mild soap solution. Just let them hang dry and avoid using hot air as this can melt the glue that holds them in place.
  • When not in use, cover your artificial easter lilies and lily and tulip bouquet in a plastic bag and deposit them in a box that won't get crushed by other items.

3. Are lilies annual flowers ?

Ans: Real lilies are perennial flowers that will return year after year and require minimal care, as long as you plant them in the right place. However, if you want flowers that will beautify your home or event without having to devote much time and effort, you can buy our trumpet-shaped artificial lily flowers that will always look enchanting so you can enjoy their charm over and over again.

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