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Silk Rose Bouquet

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Silk Rose Bouquet

As a symbol of love and romance, a Silk Rose Bouquet is a necessary addition to any wedding, anniversary, St. Valentine’s Day, and any other celebration that pays tribute to mutual affection between two people. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to bathe in roses on your big day, you shouldn’t look any further than our collection of rose bouquets.

Crafted from high-grade silk and velvet with utmost intricacy and attention to detail, our silk rose bouquets can easily fool you into believing that they are real. Despite their similarity to their natural counterparts, our rose bouquets come in shades that go far beyond natural laws. Thus, whenever your event calls for more surrealistic solutions, we are at your service with our royal blue artificial silk rose flowers with green leaves, turquoise artificial silk rose flowers with green leaves, or gold artificial silk rose flowers with green leaves, to name just a few – regardless of color, all these roses are a perfect investment for your tabletop floral arrangements, backdrop styling, or party-favor making. Still, if you are looking for a decent option for a bridal bouquet, feel free to choose from our 28 pack 4 bushes coral artificial open rose bouquet flowers, 28 pack 4 bushes artificial rose bouquet hydrangea flowers, 1 pack 18 pcs cream artificial silk handcrafted open rose flowers or 4 pack 56 pcs artificial velvet rose flowers – the latter will fascinate you with their realistic texture.

At taleclothsfactory, we understand that you can’t imagine your event without a red rose bouquet. With our hydrangea and red, white & pink rose bouquet collection, transforming your venue into a bed of roses will be extremely easy on your wallet – plus, it won’t affect your end result. Whether you are looking for turquoise hydrangeas or a red and white rose bouquet, please don’t hesitate to shop from our selection to find blossoms that best fit your décor!

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