Solid Color Satin Fabric Bolts


Solid Color Satin Fabric Bolts

If you are a budget-minded bride or event planner, you should be aware that you can save a significant amount by making some decorations by yourself. Whichever ideas are in your mind, it’s highly recommended to stock up on our solid-colored wedding satin fabric by the bolt. Along with their exceptional quality and extensive variety, all our satin fabric roll options offer surprisingly budget-friendly price tags, making them one of the most popular products at our online store.

Depending on your ideas, we are at your service with our 12'' x 10 yards satin fabric bolt and 10 yards x 54'' satin fabric bolt – while the former will help you out with your chair sashes, table runners, headpieces, and flower trims, the latter is ideal for draperies, tablecloths, attires, and curtains. 

Furthermore, with the range of colors, our solid color fabric made of satin material will easily blend in with any event palette. Thus, if neutrals have you swooning, we can help you with our 10 yards x 54'' white satin fabric bolt, 10 yards x 54'' ivory satin fabric bolt, 10 yards x 54'' black satin fabric bolt, and 10 yards x 54'' charcoal gray satin fabric bolt

Those who love different shades of pink will be happy with our 10 yards x 54'' rose gold satin fabric bolt, 10 yards x 54'' pink satin fabric bolt, and 10 yards x 54'' dusty rose satin fabric bolt. No matter which satin fabric bolt will win you over, it can be used over and over again if you stick to our easy how-to-care instructions.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that as a creative person, you need high-quality materials for your projects. When it comes to party décor, you’ll never go wrong with the purchase of satin by the bolt – with its peerless luster and good quality, it can be used in any setting. Please drop by our collection to see for yourself!




1. How to tell right side of solid color fabric ?

Ans: It's crucial to know the right and wrong sides of fabrics while working on a sewing project to get a coherent look with your finished products. Sometimes it's easy to discern which side of your fabric is right and which is not, especially if it has a certain texture or print. But that isn't always the case, especially with solid fabric bolts which don’t have any prints.

Some solid-color textiles, such as velvet and corduroy, have a distinct feel on one side. The right side is usually the one with the texture. It may be more difficult to distinguish the right side from the wrong side of textiles with no discernible texture. On the other hand, bridal satin fabric and silk have a recognizable right side and it's usually the one that is much glossier. 

2. How to stiffen satin fabric ?

Ans: What could be more luxurious than a length of beautiful, lustrous solid satin fabric? However, it has the disadvantage of being tricky to work with especially for a variety of crafting projects. Stiffening a fabric is helpful in many situations and it is widely used to make pinning and sewing in sewing machines much easier. 

Stiffening satin material can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You can stiffen your satin fabric by the bolt by placing a fabric interfacing, which is another layer of fabric, on the inside of it to give your fabric a more rigid feel that makes it easier to work with. 

If, on the other hand, you want to try a different method of stiffening your wholesale satin fabric, you can do so by using a variety of products such as glue, starch, and gelatin. However, like most fabric treatments, a patch test on a small piece of fabric should be done first.

3. How to remove oil stain from satin cloth ?

Ans: Silky satin garments, drapes, furniture, and bedsheets may give your home or apparel a touch of elegance. Getting an unattractive oil or grease stain on your fine satin, on the other hand, can destroy the beauty of the solid color fabric and be impossible to remove without the correct stain remover.

There are plenty of satin fabric cloth stain removers available in the market. However, a variety of ordinary yet effective household things can be used alternatively, especially if you treat the stain promptly while it is fresh.

A dry, very absorbent powder is the most important feature to search for in an oil-based stain remover for satin weave textile. You can either use baking soda, salt, cornstarch, or flour. These granules all absorb liquids, particularly oils. 

Make sure, however, that your satin stain remover of choice is undyed and free of coloring additives. Leave the powder for at least an hour before washing the satin material according to its care instructions.

4. Where to buy wholesale fabric ?

Ans: Do you want to make your apparel crafts and event decor more glamorous? If you're looking for a high-quality and chic fabric in shimmering colors, you might want to check out our soft and luxurious collection of wholesale satin fabric which is an excellent choice for practically any sewing or garment project.

Choose from a wide range of rich and glamorous shades from radiant white satin fabric to dazzling gold satin fabric to warm yellow satin fabric and a choice of other attractive hues. Use our solid-colored satin fabric by the bolt for that added extra layer of sheen from interior decorating to special occasion garments. 

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