Table Number & Letters


Table Number & Letters

Add an interesting and alluring visual appeal to the event decor with dazzling table centerpieces to create a cheerful festive ambiance. Brighten up your space using table numbers and letters to give a unique and personalized touch to your event table decor.

Show off your creativity using 3D decorative wire letters to beautifully display the name of the bride at the bridal shower while covering them with pretty blooms to generate an eye-catching appeal. Similarly, you can create unique table centerpieces by wrapping fairy string lights around the frame of our 3D decorative wire letters oozing heaps of sheen and sparkle into your event decor.

Moreover, you can use decorative standing letters like our 3D gold marquee letters and numbers to display your message or the name of the person of the hour in a spectacular manner. Whereas, to stylishly exhibit the table number ideas on your party tables, stick silver decorative rhinestone numbers on hexagonal mirrors to bring glitz and glam to your table decor.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to provide you with high-quality fabulous table centerpieces like wedding table numbers and party letters at unbeatable prices to help you create whimsical and amazing decorations. Visit our online store today and check out our Table Number & Letters collection now!




1. How big should wedding table numbers be ?

Ans: Since most couples assign seats at their wedding reception, guests will need to find their assigned tables and what better way to do that than having numbers for wedding tables? When it comes to these table numbers for weddings, you'll want to make sure they're visible and large enough for your visitors to see from afar.

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using a number for tables, having one that is too small can be difficult for your guests to see while having one that is too large can also be unattractive. So when decorating reception tables, it can be helpful to have a rough idea of how big these table numbers should be.

Table number signs can range in size from 3 inches to 8 inches. The size of the numbers for tables is totally up to you, depending on the look of your reception table. If you have a smaller place card holder, choose modest table numbers for a balanced effect. 

Large table numbers, on the other hand, will fit large table number holders. Also, compared to painted or monogrammed table numbers, modern table numbers such as our decorative rhinestone number stickers are visible enough to be seen by guests from a distance.

2. How to display table numbers at wedding ?

Ans: The designated table signs on reception tables are undoubtedly one of the most functional design components of a wedding. Although they aren't the center of attraction, that doesn't mean they have to be monotonous. The wedding table signs will instantly make your banquet tables stand out, whether you're looking for chic themes or country-style designs.

Here are some wedding table number ideas to try if you're out of concepts on how to display table numbers for an upcoming event.

  • Keep things classic by placing our gold table numbers inside matching fancy gold table number frames for a cohesive, stately look that's sure to match any wedding color palette.
  • You can coordinate your table numbers with your centerpieces to make sure they don't contradict and you can do this by incorporating simple bud vases with stick-on party letters affixed to table number cards made of cardstock and surrounded by pretty flowers for a dreamy look.
  • Do you have a lot of empty wine bottles from past gatherings? Instead of throwing them away, recycle them by putting our gorgeous black rhinestone table numbers on the front of the bottle and using them as wedding table number holders. Additionally, these minimalist bottles can be used as tabletop water pitchers.
  • Rather than placing your table numbers and letters on traditional table number stands which might be difficult to see, use wire table numbers atop your dining tables instead for a modern and minimalist vibe.
  • Use a piece of cut stained wood and our silver 6-inch rhinestone number decals for a charming outdoorsy-inspired wedding. For a vivid fall wedding, this bucolic option with a bolder pattern is a beautiful concept.

3. Where to buy table numbers for weddings ?

Ans: In addition to helping guests locate their seats, table numbers for wedding can also be a great addition to almost any event. If you've been looking for high-quality table numbers online but haven't been able to find one, take a look at TableclothsFactory's wedding table numbers available in a variety of elegant designs that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Our table wedding numbers come in a range of styles to complement your reception décor. Choose our captivating rhinestone stickers to jazz up your tables and give off a joyous and festive feeling. These number stickers will add glitz to your tables and wedding centerpieces with their sparkling diamond accents.

Our sturdy light up numbers, on the other hand, are great for adding a touch of sparkly detail to any place setting or occasion. Give any reception hall a minimalist beauty with 3D numbers and symbols that you can keep or give as bridal party favors after the wedding.

4. Where can I buy big letters ? 

Ans: When it comes to making an amazing letter sign for a wedding celebration or displaying messages and initials for the bride and groom, big 3D letters are the way to go. If you're looking for unique table letters for your wedding, TableclothsFactory's standing letters for table is a great place to start.

Some of the whimsical large party letters we offer are our 3D wire decorative standing letters and light up marquee letters with novelty lights for parties. These party letters will not only brighten up your event space but will also add a personalized touch to table decorations, making your guests feel even more special.

Show off your creative side and use our freestanding letter initials as a complement to your wedding reception and sweetheart table decorations. These stunning vintage monogram letters can also be used as letters that stand for word for a bridal shower or create fun, inspirational quotes and personalized messages for proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, and all special moments and milestones.

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