Table Numbers


Table Numbers


Table numbers are great décor items that can be used to make any event or occasion look more beautiful and organized. Mostly used in restaurants and diners, table numbers are used by waiters and at times even by chefs for identification purposes of orders from customers. This was during the initial times when table numbers came into usage but over time their purposes have grown into home décor and event décor as well and we at tableclothsfactory have got a plethora of assortments with table numbers to add up some chic beauty

Be it for the simple purpose of seating arrangement taking a count of the number of guests to be seated at the tables, table numbers are of great help. And hence they are coming in simple looks as well as the grand looking ones. If sense of simplicity is the idea, then the gold wedding table freestanding 3D decorative metal wire numbers are the perfect choice for table décor. The metallic finish adds a lustrous touch to the event and amps up the décor look. The gold self–adhesive rhinestone number stickers for DIY crafts are such fun décor products that even kids can handle with ease. If it is a baby shower or a baby reveal program then choose the completely fun and colourful looking metallic gold number stickers and banners customizable stick on gold numbers. These are so elegant and impressive that goes well with the tone of positivity in such occasions where lots of children and kids are running around.

The corporate events are totally with the opposite set of vibe which is neatness and so the black self – adhesive rhinestone number stickers will be a great option to explore. Events like these mostly include presentations and team games where numbers play a major role. Either stuck on holders because of their adhesive nature or can also be used just as such. They are bold and are visible from distance too and so are easy to be identified. These corporate events are either classy or glamorous and so the best alternative choice for black table numbers will be the iridescent number stickers banner customizable stick-on numbers. One side of the number is made up of shiny sparkling iridescent material and on the other side is plain card stock so they have both looks combined into one.

These table numbers are versatile and hence can be used for multi purposes. Made out of strong high quality materials like metal wires and rhinestone materials which also come with self – adhesive nature, they can be reused and also have long lasting durability! To shop more fun looking high quality range of table numbers from our collections, visit tableclothsfactory now.

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